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Have you ever found yourself suffering bouts of panic attacks, poor productivity, lethargy, fatigue, mood swings, worthlessness, feeling low self-esteem, lack of sleep (insomnia) or even oversleeping, pessimism, or to the weirdest of it, suicidal thoughts? Suggestively, you would be suffering from depression. Depression is grounded on agents such as lifestyle, nutrition, inactivity or the physical circumstances beyond our control. Take note, of the medical causes for depression -- nutritional deficiencies, that is inadequacies in vitamin and minerals. Lack of vitamin B, for instance, has been known to cause depression. Hormonal imbalance, as is the case in thyroid diseases, and side effects in the administration of medicines and drugs. Accompaniment to anxiety disorders like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Cancer, might also forebear, consequent or precede depression.

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Depression is defined by the pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. Nearly always, the red flags are reduced pressure, disinterest, and mental withdrawal. Of prime importance is also being cognizant of the trend that, the more the depressions wreck the human mind the risks of future relapses. Depression not only leads to a psychological trauma but also, can have a secondary effect of over-sensitivity to issues. A remarkable observation in teenagers has been depression foreshadowing related complexes, mannerisms, and disorders: eating disorders, anti-social behaviors, substance abuse, perfectionism mentality, and even promiscuity.

Nonetheless, awareness is the best approach and the most feasible way out. Understanding the whole maze of depression is the fix. Depression is intertwined with lifestyles and other facets of our lives. Some workable, realistic procedures will suffice: One of the most practical ways has been the "Fix it approach." Accept the present and work on it rather than trying to dodge it. It becomes easier to fight what is already acknowledged, working on eradicating it.

Equally paramount is diet. Our culinary habits should shift towards a vegan diet more fruits and vegetables work best. Also, white meat and no fat. Say, fish to boost Omega-3

All these make up the anti-inflammatory diet. Try to avoid processed foods rich in sugar and fat. Keep an inventory of your events. A to-do checklist. Have a journal of what you need to do and appreciate each goal that materializes. Breakdown your goals into short-term, manageable action plans which would also come handy and ensure you realize these goals. Maintain a positive focus on problems and issues at hand. Learn to have an affirmative outlook on life. As such, your attitude and mindset is advantageous and motivates you to be proactive and solution-making to challenges you may face. Minimize Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs). Negative cognition built in our minds, about ourselves, others, and the world lead to anxiety and depression. This overwhelms the human soul, and we feel dispirited. Release tension by communicating that is sharing your emotions and feelings with others. Echoing the great dictum: "A problem shared is a problem half-solved," then it would be wise to share our problems. With views from confidantes, the feeling of being offloaded our laden hearts is achieved. Sharing your problems with a psychologist in a talk therapy would work best. Here, share your problems with a psychotherapist. Approaches used for this depression include Cognitive behavior therapy, a joint effort by both the therapist and patient to identify, confound and toxic thoughts and it works for severe depressions and outshines antidepressants as well as offers protection against relapse. Others are dialectical behavior therapy, a cognitive behavior therapy that aims at teaching skills and behavioral modifications to fight stress, ideal in treatment-resistant depression; and interpersonal psychotherapy, which deals with the experimental and observable remedies for stress-related disorders, focusing on how symptoms of depressions impact on the social relationships. This remains practical for the moderate forms of depression. Exercise daily. Regular exercises release hormones called Serotonin that make you feel better about life. A common trait of exercise is that one gets jolly and jovial making them perform better since they are stress-free. In the event of depression, these are a commonplace response to these steps: Counseling. Here visits a psychotherapist and honestly describe and narrate your problem. Together, you may collectively decide on medication. The prescription may range from antidepressants such as pills to pragmatic actions such as meditation. For the former, its key to taking credence of the side effects to these --sexual dysfunction, weight gain. In case of a relapse, switch to alternative therapeutics such as talks or exercise.

Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications. The medical prescription should not be based on a one-size-fits-all-approach, rather discriminate and deliberate use of procedure and not reckless prescriptions - informed decision. Anti-depressants should be the last resort. Even important, the society should eschew from over-dependence on anti-depressants. The Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Celexa, Lexapro, and Zoloft have become subject to abuse, further slowing down healing and expediting antibiotic resistance. Another popular panacea has been an emphasis on brain imaging and natural cures. This frequently involves diet, exercise, and natural supplements. Antibiotic medication is proving harmful, and Benzodiazepines is a case example; it inhibits the flow of blood to the brain. Scans done on patients would turn out that they resemble alcoholic patients. Noteworthy, this has been associated with the risk of increased dementia - thyroid examination. The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the rate of metabolism, the system of body use of energy. Given this, it is directly related to stress and performance. Thyroid examination is the inspection of the thyroid glands located near the basic of the neck. With this, you can try at home. They are just keeping tabs with it. Here you simply look out for abnormal behaviors such as over-triggered palpitation and anomalous enlargement. This informs our understanding of heartbeat rates, mood swings, and energy in our bodies and relates to depression.

They are treating depression. In your dosage for a homemade remedy for depression, the practice al guides that work best are Art. This is tapping into the creative works to conquer depression. May include but are not limited to: books about depression, anxiety, and happiness. Psychological and self-therapy through reading - bibliotherapy yield better results since we can understand the whole scope of depression hence becomes more manageable. Art is a remedy. Music and dance are forms of self-treatment. Other works of creativity include paintings of artistic relevance, or even pets some of our close friends. By relishing the aesthetics in art then one finds a hobby and a penchant for this which goes a long way in helping withdraw from the ups and downs of life.

Equally of prime importance is meditation and stress management sessions, Perhaps an easier way to do this will be deep breathing and focusing on just breathing only for times usually ranging from minutes to an hour will realize a moment of peace-of-mind. It would be important to embrace this as a habit since it bolsters peaceful states and feeling of calmness if practiced regularly for an extended time. Other practical habits drawn from the book - Dale Carnegie How to Stop Worrying and Start living that have been proven to work are: Worrying about the present only-not the past neither the future. Also, analyzing and solving worry, putting a mental attitude, dealing with fatigue. And learning to proactive take worry by the horns conquers it before it breaks you (accept and corporate with the inevitable) side of life, instead of brooding, dodging or crying over it. My favorite has always been whispering to myself some peptones and mantras of encouragement even when it's obvious that the situation at hand is likely to weigh me done. Trust me; it has worked perfectly.


For us struggling with stress, depression or worry there is to us. The gist of the therapy for this lies in redefining of our lifestyles, mindset paradigms, going for the natural and homemade cures and embracing small positive habits and behaviors that help us lead stress-free. And when all is said and done, there will be few patients in our hospital beds. At least few if any of the inmates in our mental rehabilitation camps and certainly, in the words of Michael Jackson, "The world becomes a better place for you and me."

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