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Date:  2023-05-16


Ethics is the behavior and thinking which is governed by combinations of moral, social, personal, and legal standards of what is wrong or right. The ethical behavior relates how you treat people, money, information and the general workers in a community. Occurrence of ethical issues is due to any creation of conflict from the given activity or decision in a business (Levin, 2010). In a bar organization, some of the ethical issues are as follows:

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Conflict of Interest

In the bar, there might be a prohibition of the use of suppliers with any relation with the employee. Such an activity happens in a situation where the employee has the power to select the supplier of their products (Levin, 2010). The employee brings the issue as he determines the supplier without basing on the quality and cost.

Food Choices

In most cases, the bar customers make orders of food with regards to their origins which results in ethical importance. Therefore, some bar organizations offer food for free to any customer that orders expensive wines. Many customers therefore concerns on their sustainability hence demanding for ingredients to be sourced locally.

Employee Hours

The shifting of the employee working hours may lead to ethical minefields. The shifting may result in conflicts between the bar manager and the employee. Therefore, as a result, the manager has to create a system that is ethical to perform the assigning shifts which might be based on skills, performance or seniority.


Confidentiality is the act of keeping the organizations' information secretly among the members and managers, no provision of any information to the strangers. The bar owners may result in conflict if they give out any information about its customers. This is unethical as it shows that there is no privacy.


Under the situation where the bar organization has a challenge on its sales, it has to set goals to achieve. The bar may be suffering from less drinking and support to the employees and their customers. Due to these, goals about the same has to be set.

Less Drinking

Where the customers have lowered their drinking level, the manager has to put considerations to know what is the cause. The services offered to customers has to be improved to ensure customer satisfaction. Discounts should be given to those who purchase expensive wines and loyal customers.

Building Strong Support

The manager and the bar employees has to build strong support to its customers. Such can be employed due to unity among the employees and the bar manager. There should be much considerations for the customers and excellent services to them.

Contracting Review

In the bar where ethical issues are exercised or experienced, the managers have to consider on how to avoid them. Ethical issues result in conflicts in the bar, which results in the downfall of the business. There should be no discrimination in the company to avoid conflicts of interest. The bar information has to be confidential about its customers as well as the employees and the suppliers of their resources.

If the bar experiences challenges on its sales, it has to set goals to be achieved. For the smooth run of the bar, there must be a target set by the managers and the employees. The employees should be determined to make high sales and build positive and reliable support to the customers.


Levin, L. C. (2010). Specialty Bars as a Site of Professionalism: The Immigration Bar Example. U. St. Thomas LJ, 8, 194.

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