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A recruitment consultant is a complex career that requires a multi-faceted and developed set of skills in order to be successful. It is prudent to note that many consultancies are industry-specific to ensure that a consultant recruits similar posts for different clients. Usually, a recruitment consultant performs many roles that require uttermost commitment and interest. This paper seeks to discuss the roles of a recruitment consultant.

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A recruitment consultant plays a vital role in linking clients to prospective candidates (Kinnunen & Parviainen, 2016). My role will include visiting clients aimed at developing and building strong relationships with them and advertising vacancies through drafting and placing adverts in various media. My other activities will be to headhunt and to use databases for candidates to match them to vacancies advertised by clients. According to Abdullah, Yoke, and Zakaria (2013), as a recruitment consultant, I will also be reviewing applications and developing a shortlist for interviews. My other activity will be to request candidates to provide their referees so that I can be able to gauge their suitability for the job.

My role will also involve preparing correspondence of suitable candidates and forward them to clients for job consideration. It is also worthy to note that it will be my duty to organize interviews for candidates as well as to inform them about their interview results. As Toegel, Kilduff, and Anand (2013) explain, I will be at the center stage of offering the best pieces of advice to candidates and clients on career progression, training, and pay rates. Moreover, I will review all the recruitment policies so as to enhance the effectiveness of recruitment programs and selection techniques (Sinha & Thaly, 2013). My job will also entail guiding candidates as far as career development is concerned. I will, therefore, give them the best pieces of advice regarding which career opportunities befit them and the best vocational or academic training that they require to pursue to make them suitable and on demand in the job market.

I will negotiate salary and pay rates on behalf of candidates to ensure that they receive a better pay that improves their living conditions. In addition, I will work to ensure that business leads are generated as well as value is billed to clients. I will measure candidates' working ability against personality and capability stacks. My other role will be to ensure uttermost trust and honesty exists between clients and candidates to strengthen future working relationships. As a recruitment consultant, I will also do a job market research so that I have an in-depth knowledge of the local labor market. To achieve this, I will involve myself in extensive networking with both clients and candidates. Furthermore, I will oversee and facilitate the work offer process so that the candidates have a vivid understanding of what the client expects from them (Toegel et al., 2013).


In general, a recruitment consultant requires important personal and communication skills to carry out his or her duty. Basically, a recruitment consultant attracts candidates and screens them to match appropriate job descriptions advertised by clients. To do this, recruitment consultants requires headhunt and salesperson skills as well as possess communication aptitude and sound judgment.


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