Assignment Example on German Romanticism

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Date:  2022-08-04
  • German term for the art song.

Answer: lied

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  • A song with a song text that is a short, lyric poem in German and piano accompaniment.

Answer: lied

  • ________ was not an important composer in nineteenth-century Lieder.
    • Heinrich Heine
    • Robert Schumann
    • Fanny Mendelssohn
    • Franz Schubert

Answer: Heinrich Heine

  • These were the favorite Romantic poets among the composers of Lieder:

Answer: Heine and Goethe

  • Which of these was NOT a common theme in Romantic poetry?
    • A. The beauty of nature
    • B. Love and longing
    • C. praise for the Virgin Mary
    • D. The fleeting nature human happiness

Answer: Praise to the Virgin Mary

  • Romantic poets had a favorite subject:

Answer: Love, longing, nature

  • A(n) is a group of Lieder that are unified by a narrative thread, descriptive or expressive theme.

Answer: a song cycle

  • The song form where the melody is repeated for each stanza is known as:

Answer: Strophic

  • The term "Composition without repetition" is used to describe a song that is not repeated in whole sections.

Answer: Through composed

  • The song form where the main melody is repeated for 2 or 3 stanzas, but new or significantly different material is introduced when required by the text is called:

Answer: Modified strophic

  • Schubert was born in:

Answer: Vienna

  • Schubert and his friends hosted evening gatherings of writers, artists, and musicians called:

Answer: Schubertiads

  • Schubert, despite his tragically short lifespan, was a prolific composer of:
    • A. lieder
    • B. chamber music
    • C piano music
    • D. All of the above

Answer: All the above

  • Which genre of Schubert was Schubert not indebted Classical traditions?
    • A. lied
    • B. chamber music
    • C. piano sonata
    • D. Symphony

Answer: lied

  • How many songs was Schubert able to compose?

Answer: More than 600

  • Schubert composed several song cycles, including the following:
    • A. Winter's Journey
    • B. Futile Serenade
    • C. Butterflies
    • D. A Poet’s Love

Answer: Winter's Journey

  • Schubert's Elfking song is the setting for a ballad by:
    • A. Muller
    • B. Schiller
    • C. Heine
    • D. Goethe

Answer: Goethe

  • Schubert's Lied Elfking can be found in ______ form.
    • A. binary
    • B. Ternary
    • D. through-composed

Answer: through-composed

  • Which one of these statements is true about Schubert's Elfking?"
    • A. It is his masterpiece from youth.
    • B. It features four characters that are distinguished in the music.
    • C. All of the above

Answer: All the above

  • The piano accompaniment's obsessive triplet rhythm is what Schubert's Elfking represents:

Answer: The galloping of horses

  • What musical instruments did Schubert use for Elfking's child terror?

Answer: High range and dissonance

  • The New Journal of Music was founded by:

Answer: Robert Schumann

  • Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann's spouse, was:
    • A. the daughter of his piano teacher
    • B. One of the most prominent pianists of her time
    • C. was the inspiration for A Poet's Love
    • D. All of the above

Answer: All the above

  • Robert Schumann has ended his career.

Answer: In an asylum, mental illness is the cause

  • Robert Schumann's "A Poet's Love" is a:

Answer: Song cycle

  • Robert Schumann's A Poet's Love has been translated by:

Answer: Heinrich Heine

  • Which of these statements does not describe Schumann's A poet's love?
    • A. It is a detailed account of a lost love.
    • B. It conveys a feeling of despair
    • C. It is a combination of voice and piano
    • D. It blends dramatic and lyric elements

Answer: It tells the story of a long-lost love.

  • Schumann's In The lovely month of May comes from which song cycle?

Answer: Winter Journey

  • What is the form for In the beautiful month of May?

Answer: Strophic

  • Which of these statements does Schumann's In a lovely month of May not describe?
    • A. It ends in harmonic resolution.
    • B. It features an expressive piano accompaniment.
    • C. It is harmonically meandering.
    • D. It conveys a feeling of longing and desire

Answer: It ends in harmony.

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