Article Analysis Essay: France World Cup Win Is a Victory for Immigrants Everywhere

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Date:  2022-07-01


The bad logic behind this article is where the writer of this article seems to propagate that this world cup that was won by France was due to the effort of the immigrant. Yes, there were players of African origin in the French squad but the way the writer has put his headline raises eyebrows on the intention and the target of his message. When this massage from this article sinks into the mind of the French native readers, it will automatically have an impact on their perception and their attitude towards the immigrant. The title "France world cup win is a victory for immigrants everywhere" can make the native feel as if it is not France that has won the world cup but rather they may see it as the win by the immigrant against them (Joseph). The message is discriminatory in such a way that it makes Africans feel that they are not supposed to hold citizenship in another country apart from that of their country of origin. The article can be found through this link,

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Although the argument of this article seems to be carrying a positive attitude towards the immigrant worldwide, the article can also create a wrong impression towards the other races most specifically the whites who the Africans have been trooping to their countries in search of greener pastures. The argument of this article is that, despite the mistreatment that the immigrants get from the natives, for instance, from France and United States, they can outshine their masters and make great deals on behalf of them. And most likely the thesis of this article could be, can the immigrants win the racial war in their places of refuge? It the writer, had a clear intention, he would have put the heading as, "France world cup win has shown the world how fighting racism can bring victory to the nations," or rather something near to this statement.


The bad logic behind this article is that it took the victory of a nation in the 2018 world to the weapon of fighting racism against one race instead of celebrating the victory together across all the races. The potential audience of this article could be the nations whom the immigrants have occasionally been mistreated and always carry the bar of being unwanted. The article was persuasive in the first read-through, but when I critically analyze the article from its titles, I found out that the article had a hidden agenda behind the article. The writer should have used other platforms in raising the concerns of the immigrants in these foreign rations instead of using a celebrated event to upheld one race and downplay the other. This though has not changed my perception towards this source as I have always known this source as the frontiers of propaganda when they want to address the hidden agenda.

Work Cited

Joseph, Peniel. "France's World Cup Win Is A Victory For Immigrants Everywhere." CNN. N.p., 2018. Web. 16 July 2018.

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