Are they distracted by Technology?

Date:  2021-03-25 12:04:44
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

In the 21st century, people live in an era when technology is applied in almost every sector of life and keeping up with technology will keep you updated on everything happening in the world, but the price they have to pay for this is something a lot of them have not considered. Technology has extended over the years and has benefited the human race in a greater way than it was anticipated. Despite the positive effects it has had, technology has over the years interfered with the behavior of the people. In our conversations with our friends, families or strangers, in our places of work, business and other activities they undertake daily the negative effects of technology have been witnessed greatly

Technology has made it hard to connect with other people, and so ordinary conversations have become strained. Social media, for instance, allows people to receive information that they do not have to respond to, unlike ordinary conversations which requires people to anstheyr to the person they are communicating with and as such people are shying away from one on one conversation by locking themselves away from the world.

Technology has interfered with the performance in various areas of work or schools. Most people claim that they can multi-task; labour and log on the social sites, use their telephones or even go through their emails at the workplace or school. The truth of the matter is that this keeps one distracted since their full concentration is not always at the task in hand and also the switch between different sites overworks the brain that results in the low output.

Technology also has made people less creative since the brain has no free time to evaluate the daily situations and come up with new solutions. Technological devices like tablets and telephones also have a broad range of application for almost everything and as such they are very few activities or exercises to engage our minds. Activities that relax the brain like taking a walk or participating in games have been replaced by some games on the devices, social media sites, video games or television and at the end the brain is left with nothing new to process that could have been picked up in the course of activities.

Some Video games that have been created are very violent as many targets to kill the characters involved. Children addicted to these games find themselves acting violently toward other children, and they see it as the right thing to do when dealing with their issues. Parents who are expected to correct their children and warn them against such behavior are the same people who have bought these video games for their children. It is easy to conclude that technology has distracted us from the mission of ensuring that the society is peaceful.

Some people argue that technology especially browsing will make us fast thinkers and problem solvers since the functioning of our brain is strengthened. A London research conducted says that constant surfing makes someone an expert over time and it would be easy to identify WebPages that are not trustworthy. Concluding from this that the web makes us smarter would be a mistake since complex processing has not been done which is what decides how smart they are. Deep processing involves acquiring information then taking the time to analyze it. Afterwards, one should critically evaluate this issue, imagine then reflect on the issue.

Through the internet or social media random information is availed to us any time of the day and according to Ken Pedrosky who writes for the edge collection this enhances our creativity and it may also inspire us. Though Pedroskys point is good, it would not have the same effect on all people since some people can only take little bits of information at a go. In such a case if someone was focusing on another task this information will be an unhealthy distraction.

It has been argued that technology increases understanding in education when the teacher uses technological ways to reach out to their students. An article written by Ryan Lytle who is a United States news journalist on a particularly advanced placement calculus class shows that it the use of technology led to an average score of 4.11 on the test. In as much as this worked very theyll, the student who suffered was those that came from poor backgrounds. Since accessing technological devices that are up to date and paying for the internet charges will be hard to them, keeping up with their colleagues will be hard and they might miss out on the important details. Depending on the kind of student this technology may be of help or just another distraction. Some students have taken that as a chance to text in their classroom and access sites that are completely not related to what they are supposed to be tackling.

When man-made technological inventions, they were meant to serve us ant not the other way round where humans find themselves addicted to technological devices and applications like todays world. Since Technology is still changing and tomorrow it will be more complex than it is today our ability to moderate the use of technology now will determine whether it will continue to distract us in future making us more distant from humanity or it will be more beneficial to us

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