Appropriation of a VR Headset Gadget and the Real Estate Industry in Singapore Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-08

1.1 Background and Significance

In the recent past, the principal of economic surge in the real estate industry in Singapore has been at the core of its explosion. The common perception is that an increasing concept of real interest situation is negative for the Real Estate Industry in Singapore. In many ways, Singapore has been considered as the World's most ideal place for land outpacing supply. However, a historical look at the real estate situation in Singapore suggests that while land is in limited supply, there has been an exponential growth in population. The growth has significantly impacted the consumer market where the demand for more land space has gone higher and higher sparking price inflation. Arguably, Singapore city-state stands on an approximately 719 Sq. Kilometers of land with an exceedingly growing population of 5.4 million people occupying the limited space. This makes Singapore the most densely populated city-state in the world thereby adding to the desire for its inhabitants to own a space of the land and perhaps affecting the interest rate from potential foreign investors.

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With Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) taking shape in the busy market in Singapore, their yield on the oriented asset class is relatively high. As this impact grows higher, the US Federal Reserve, on the other hand, has continuously embarked on its latest rate hike cycle as witnessed in its first-ever rate hike of December 2015. However, as the rate increase is expected to continue, businesses in Singapore are pursuing more and more ventures through interest rate mechanisms, the recent one being the rising interest rate in December 2015. According to the reports released by CLSA (2017), there has been a surge in REITs investors making the 10-year Government Bond yield in Singapore the most leveraged one as it averaged with the 5 bps of its US counterpart. Based on the secondary Data below, Singapore REITs reportedly outperformed the broader equity index as witnessed in the subsequent months of May-09, May-10, and Nov-10. These are arguably the period in which the interest rate increased on a relatively gradual basis.

Period Yield Increment(bps) REIT Index FTSE Straits Times Index
Jun-05-June-08 98 -5.88% 15.34%
May-08-June-08 154 -4.53% 4.45%
May-09-May-10 81 84.94% 53.84%
Nov-10-Feb-11 69 -2.92% -3.33%
May-13-Sep-13 137 -19.13% -7.14%
Jan-15-Sep-15 90 -7.77% -12.66%
Jul-16-Dec-16 65 3.23% 7.52%

Source: Lion Global Investors, Bloomberg, as of June 2017

As shown above, the periods in which the interest rate was relatively more gradual increase was in June, September, and December. However, it is not certain whether Singapore REITs will outperform in a rising interest rate environment. Therefore, much consideration has to be laid on the stock-specific factors and catalysts that could potentially allow a Singapore REIT to outperform the broader market structure.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The primary objective of this research proposal is to quickly show the outright and relative natural effect appropriation of a VR headset gadget. This VR comprises of diverse plastic, mechanical, and electronic parts and in addition bundling materials. The natural effect is accounted for as measured single scores for three end-point markers and four unique situations. This research proposal also seeks to investigate the impact of interest rate concept on the real estate industry in Singapore while taking into consideration the product lifecycle on Virtual reality (VR) Gaming industry. Additionally, to analyze how the gaming industry of Singapore is advancing particularly in the aspect of product lifecycle has dramatically influenced the concept of Virtual Reality in the context of Information Technology.

1.3 Research Questions

To what extent has interest rate concept influenced the real estate industry in Singapore?

What are the possible effects of product lifecycle on the concept of Virtual Reality given the sudden surge in information technology?

2. Literature Review

2.1 Definitions

In the B2B occasion space where we work, AR and VR are as of now being vigorously utilized as both a way to emerge from the group and in addition to accomplish critical cost decreases. A VR/AR experience or item exhibition accomplishes intelligent brand commitment and makes this experience convenient and reproducible at an ostensible cost - targets hard to accomplish with physical models. Gaming, motion pictures and different types of amusement are a conspicuous space where VR will flourish, yet eCommerce has energizing unknown domains ready for development and interruption. When you take a gander at how versatile, and work area encounters have affected conventional physical stores, VR/AR will cut out a specialty where true point of view is a critical piece of the obtaining cycle.

Anything that brings down the delta between face to face and a virtual connection will hugely affect business. Ten years back, wholly appropriated groups were even more ideas explore than the real world, yet that is never again valid with present-day foundation. VR will fix the hole more. It's presumably farther than the vast majority think. The long-haul capability of VR and AR in gaming, stimulation, instruction, and correspondence is tremendous. Today, VR can be an incredible instrument to see and audit work that we are making in the associated physical and computerized space. We're ready to encounter spaces before they're worked from another viewpoint, giving us a significantly improved perspective of what we are making, eventually prompting better outcomes. Through virtual and enlarged reality, organizations will have the capacity to put resources into innovative work of social, social and utilization slants and in addition, part and industry were estimating. Virtual reality will tremendously affect the eventual fate of retail by enabling organizations to comprehend the patterns of customer conduct and item utilization in different settings.

2.2 Importance

Virtual reality (VR) continues to be the most significant concepts for the futuristic Information Technology. Taking into consideration the measures of Virtual Reality gadgets anticipated to be created in the future, it is applicable to appraise their prospective natural effects under specific conditions. For the first time, item life cycle assessment (PLC) single score results are shown for a contemporary VR headset. The weighted results are dependent much on the ward of the gold and the electric power used in progress. Speculatively, using reused gold for the VR subparts would be extraordinarily profitable seen from a characteristic mischief cost perspective. Using low characteristic impact electric power in the last social affair of the VR headset, in the last party of consolidated circuits, and in the previous wafer taking care of would in like manner be helpful. Scattering of the last thing is more enunciated than for other customer devices.

The measure of new types of ICT gadgets is relied upon to rise in the following 10-year period. The flood is determined by new sorts of administrations in view of virtual reality (VR), and enlarged reality (AR) gaming anticipated that would make development in information correspondence. In addition, the present power use of ICT is required to increment generously because of the expanded information movement. In spite of enormous power sparing endeavors, server farms are and will be an especially grievous supporter of the power utilization of the Information Technology sector. The generation of ICT framework and gadgets is presently approximately 20% of the part's power use that offers of cell phones is relied upon to increment.

As indicated by the World Input-Output Database (WIOD), in 2014 the monetary estimation of "make of electrical hardware" and "make of PC, electronic, and optical items" was 4% of the aggregate worldwide estimation of every single financial action (161 trillion USD). Besides, the monetary estimation of Singapore's offer of these two kinds of assembling was 41%. Purported worldwide maintainability bookkeeping indicates how much outflows and assets are related with monetary segments, for example, gadgets. Regardless, new gadgets, for example, VR headsets delivered in Singapore and somewhere else, are relied upon to make up an expanding some portion of the vitality and asset impressions related with these two sorts of hardware producing.

A short review of prior learning of purchaser equipment Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) is found in Section Partial disclosure of methods, data and other material information is given in Section 2. The standard outcomes are found in Section 3 and a while later inspected in Section 4. The conclusions outfitted in Section 5 are relentless with the evidence. Associations comprehend that VR/AR are down to earth decisions for instructing learning. PowerPoints are right now embedded in VR. VR offers a utilitarian technique to pass on learning, and its immersive nature obliges the workforce. AR takes the manuals to the field and helps the foundation. These development driven instruments are hinting at change, more reasonable, and are starting at now recognized by those entering the workforce.

2.3 Linkages between various Variables

With higher Interest rates on its pinnacle, Singapore REITs have adequately renegotiated their obligation development (typical of 3.7 years) and kept up high settled commitment bolster extents (ordinary of 78%). As a rule commitment levels have also been kept at a sensible 36.6% typical. These measures will mitigate the impact of higher acquiring costs in the nearby term, with cut down rates and longer terms starting at now anchored.

Prototyping will go to the following development level-Organizations will use virtual reality and extended reality to imagine what they're working in a way that has never been possible. This level of prototyping will give astounding information into a thing toward the beginning of the system. Boss and end-customers will have the ability to give better and bigger feedback immediately in the beguilement. Associations will end up misusing less time and money.

Specific specialty markets will be affected - the part of virtual/extended reality taking off is very satisfying for Singapore. Starting at now, it very well may be seen can see nursing home patients envisioning they are at the shoreline, likewise practical applications like telemedicine. Shockingly, the sticker costs and social disgrace will limit the customer base for the next decade or two.

Advanced VR will turn into the social research facility of the tip top. The association Improbable enables sensible virtual universes and complicated "life." So, their accomplices don't geek over "immersive experiences" like a dad at RadioShack. They are duplicating business framework, government approach, et cetera - choices with billions in capital, human and something unique, remaining in a critical state. Positively, a Home Depot AR application will allow you to imagine a kitchen overhaul; anyway for genuine players, and they are not gaming.3.0 Research Methodologies.

3.1 Research Design

3.1.1 Research Purpose

For far too long, Singapore has dominated the real estate industry thanks to its growing economy as necessitated by the interest rate. However, it is critical to recognize the reasons why the initial attempts of propelling virtual headsets in the gaming network failed to materialize. The first headsets were exceedingly inconvenient at 10 inches wide and associated with a different stand, influencing the gaming to encounter much like that of a multidirectional treadmill. The massive gadgets li...

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