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Applied research is a study that is carried outs targeting to solve a particular practical question or problem. The research is not just for gaining knowledge, but it intends to guide the researcher on making an informed decision that addresses an issue of concern. Applied research is always descriptive instead of being exploratory, and it's formulated from pure research, in that, the researcher goes through a variety of sources to establish a procedure of reaching the solution to a problem (Gulbrandsen & Kyvik, 2015). On the other hand, pure or basic research is a study done without having any target at the end of the research, its exploratory in nature. Pure research is driven with curiosity, intuition, or interest, whereby it adds value on existing knowledge or is the foundation for further analysis.

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For an organization that needs to make a decision pertaining whether it needs to pay its sales person with monthly salary or a commission ,the question structure for two types of research: applied research or basic research will be different (Gulbrandsen & Kyvik, 2015). If it's to be applied research, then the investigator should structure the question to ensure that it drives towards obtaining an answer to the problem, by either settling on a monthly salary or commission as a payment mechanism. The question that can guide on applied research can be structured as follows; which is the best payment procedure for a salesperson, a salary, or commission? For this question, the researcher has to explore more sources in order to establish the best-preferred means of paying a salesperson. At the end of the research, the investigator can settle on either a salary or commission based on findings from the research.

On the other hand, if the similar problem is to be solved using fundamental research, the question will be structured such that it reflects the interest, intuition or curiosity of the study on the issue of study (Gulbrandsen & Kyvik, 2015). A question for basic research can be framed as follows; what are the advantages and disadvantages of commission and salary as payment means for a salesperson? The structure of the question reflects on gaining knowledge that may facilitate decision making. In the end, for the decision-making process, the researcher needs to develop which type of research best suits the solution required.

How Might Business Research Help the New Management Make the Right Decision?

Conducting business research is essential for any organization as it helps the management to collect information on the market trends, consumer data, and external business changes that may guide in the making informed and effective decisions (Poot et al., 2018).The new management for the old fashioned company needs to conduct research to ensure that the company remains competitive, builds and maintains a good client strength such that organization reinstates its operations.

The research process will help the company to remain to be well-informed in different areas of business. The organization will be able to analyze, plan, and collect vital business data that will be able to enhance the performance of the organization (Tarka, 2018).The research reports sent to top management usually pertain employee preferences, client demands, and various mechanisms of improving production, sales, marketing, and finance.

As it stands, the business needs a new strategy. The information obtained from research on different business environments aids in the analysis and formulation of the best working plan for the company that its boosts performance (Tarka, 2018). For instance, the current marketing plan for the company is not working since the organization is losing most of its clients and the distribution channel of goods to clients. Therefore, the new management needs to develop a strategy of enhancing its sales such that products reach the clients through the right distribution channel where profits are not lost.

Finally, business research will help the new management to make an efficient managerial decision (Poot et al., 2018). The administrative decision will include those pertaining to the organization structure, culture, and functions which will be updated; ensuring the system of management of the organization contributes to the sustainable performance.


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