Application for the Post of the Senior Mathematician Paper Example

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  533 Words
Date:  2022-12-21

Following an advertisement on the job search website Indeed about the post of the senior mathematician at your firm, I hereby pleased to make the application. I have always loved mathematics from an early age and have developed growing interest and in-depth course research over the years. My love for mathematics has further been boosted by the subject's capability in solving problems in a wide range of fields.

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I have a Bachelor Degree from Reno University with several certificates in Mathematics from the institution. Individually, I have won the best Mathematician in the Department twice and have been awarded the best team leader having led the Mathematics Association for one year. Most notably, during my tenure as the Association leader, I was in a position to influence more students to enroll for Statistical Packages and Software learning as they are vital in any field. Again, a mega research study by the association was carried out with the help of the University under my leadership. I therefore firmly believe that I genuinely need a chance to prove and portray my skills practically. With the vast knowledge in Statistical software such as Statistical package for the social sciences and Stata, I believe I possess the required expertise in developing and proof concepts and feasible mathematical models. Also, these skills in software's and statistical packages will enable me in developing and generating the math models and as well demonstrate the gaming probabilities alongside mathematical game returns through simulation and calculations.

With a deep interest in the mathematics field, I am determined to level up my career and achieve the best. I believe in teamwork, integrity, honesty, innovation, support, minimal supervision, commitment and engaging in positive values. Most importantly, I am a firm believer in innovation since I am aware of the dynamic global markets where the needs of the consumers are constantly changing, and therefore firms must respond with zeal and speed. As an oriented innovator in my field, I believe I will be in a position to work with the team in your firm in designing and proving math models for the gaming products. One essential skill is that I am time conscious and will, therefore, ensure that the math models for your gaming products are of high quality and delivered on time for all the assigned projects. The other essential skill is that I only feel I have achieved my goal when the innovation made has a contribution to the general population. That is, innovation can solve the globes most pressing challenges. I believe this will be a great chance to prove my potential and in growing the gaming products as well as your organization. I think my leadership skills tied along my experience in the statistical packages will be crucial in providing computer analysis and simulations of both existing and new mathematical models. As a young, energetic and visionary mathematician with great zeal to learn, I believe I am the best-suited candidate for the post.

I genuinely look forward to your consideration for the Senior Mathematician post. I am looking forward to start working with you in solving significant global challenges as well as developing gaming products that are of age and unique.

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