Application Example: Job Application as a Project Manager

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Date:  2021-03-30

I wish to present my interest for the position of project manager, based on my knowledge and working experience in the business field (name your carrier).

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I came across this advertisement on a post on the internet job advertising platform. The advert mentioned that you wanted a person who will design, implement, monitor, and evaluate your programs. The post also said that the applicant should be a certified project manager which I confirm to be confident.

For the past six years, I have worked with many Oman and Middle East oil companies, on various projects. For instance, I was tasked to manage the project of the construction of One of Bharat oil company refinery. I have also managed various humanitarian programs by the use of different project management tools, and my referees can be contacted to confirm my information. Having exhibited such capabilities across various fields, I am sure I can help in managing your projects. I am will and able to share my skills with the rest of your organization, as being a team player is one of my strengths. I am fluent in English language and have a certificate in computer studies.

It will be my pleasure working with you at this capacity; it will be a chance to expand the scope of learning and share what I have acquired throughout my career. Being a resource to your organization will be an honor to me. I look forward to for your communication and thank you for considering my application

Yours sincerely

Put your sigh here-

Your full name

Curriculum vitae

Personal details

Your complete names

P.O Box xx xxx xx

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman




Name your business course

Name your institution and year you graduated

Certificate in computer studies

Oman computer college, 2010

Coursework relevant to the vacancy

English Language training

Project management

Leadership and mentorship training


Communication skills


Working experience

Oman oil company, on a one-year project for refinery expansion

Deleel petroleum company, seven months project on tunnel construction

Saudi oil dealers, two months market study

Sultan Abas humanitarian watch, two months designing and implementation of a program

Free the world movement, one-month evaluation of program success.

Computer knowledge and skills

Certified in computer studies, excel, MS project management, word and SPSS data analysis tool

Internet use

E-mail application

Other activities

Assisted two undergraduate students in designing their program which included data collection analysis and interpretation, that saw them awarded a degree in Salalah.


1. name and email

2. name and email

3. name and email

SWOT analysis for my skills for the above position on skills and qualification and explain why you think you qualify for the post

Project management requires a person to exploit skills, knowledge experiences, processes, tools, and other products on a project, to deliver on the goals and defined objectives (Vaidyanathan, and Sabbaghi, 2011). The project manager is expected to integrate the above elements to ensure a project is successful. I have been tasked with various projects as indicated on my CV above. I have several recommendations from my previous clients and with confidence I confirm that I am capable of taking up that position. The following will be a SWOT analysis for my skills that match the above position.

SWOT analysis allow people to identify the strengths and weakness they have alongside opportunities and potential threats (Sullivan, nd and Anca, Cezar, and Adrian, 2015). On the acronym, S stands for the strength an individual has concerning the issues at hand. A person has the power to control their strengths and weaknesses since they are internal aspects (Gretzky, 2010). However, opportunities and threats cannot be controlled since they act on the external influence (Weihrich, 1982). My strengths based on the requirements for this position include; strong leadership skills and excellent time management skills. Excellent computer skills advanced knowledge of the application of project management tools, perfect experience in the business industry. Dedicated to producing results for clients despite the challenges that may be encountered and an excellent team player.

Weakness includes the areas that need Improvement or increases the chances of failure. (Passenheim, 2009). The weakness hampers our competitiveness over other in the same position (Sullivan, .nd). However, since they are internal aspects, they can be controlled. My weakness includes; too confident in self-efficacy that I may not have a chance for other peoples opinion. Also, this makes me the authoritative leader who may discourage innovation within the team. I also do not tolerate people I perceive as if dragging my activities, I can easily isolate them from the team instead of offering second chances.

Opportunities are external elements, in most cases, they are aspects of future that are bound to improve in the presence of resources (Ommani, 2011 and Arabzad, and Shirouyehzad, 2012). People may not have a control on the opportunities that may come up, but various actions can be taken to prepare, in case opportunities shows up. Some of the opportunities I have concerning the project at hand include networking with potential employers, personal development through continuous education. For instance, I have been taking an online course on project management to improve my knowledge base. I also attend seminars that boost my clientele list. I share my personal details and other work related information on various online platforms such as LinkedIn, for employers to conveniently access my service.

Similarly, threats are external factors and may be difficult to control (Horn-Haacke, L., 2002 and Wang, 2007). Threats increase the chances of failure by disrupting the order of events within the program. However, countering the threats can be important to achieve the desired success. In my case, some of the threats include the various number of project managers, who provide similar competitive services. Also, some people are seasoned in the industry and competing against them may be very disadvantageous. Some companies may award their contracts to people uncompetitive due to personal connections and other bribery issues which limit my success in the industry. However, I have been working on personal branding to become the best project manager, to attract different employers.


Project management helps people to maximize the strengths and opportunities while controlling weaknesses and threats. A good project manager perceives threats and lays a strategy to manage them. A SWOT analysis helps in performing such a task by identifying the required strengths and opportunities for accomplishing a task.


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