Apostle Paul: Leadership & Evangelism in Acts - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-09


The Apostle Paul is one of the best examples in the Bible of how far leadership can benefit society. He showed the basic and critical principles of leadership and organization in the church and his evangelical world (Ugo, 2015). The modern church is built and run on some of the principles that were initiated by Paul. The Book of Acts records three noteworthy evangelist travels the first in quite a while 13-14. The second evangelical journey is in Acts 15:35-18:22, while the third one is in Acts 18:23-21:17. These journeys show the advancement that the Apostle Paul made with colossal achievement yet not without certain challenges and painful encounters like the loss of his sight (Barnett & Finnemore, 2018). Paul comprehended that the creation of disciples is the heartbeat of the Lord Jesus Christ and vital to the Great Commission (Judea & Rome). With this understanding, Paul dedicated his life to the planting and building up of feasible community churches in the then Roman world.

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Learning from the case of Paul, modern organizations must build their future around their employees and trust them to deliver on their targets and responsibilities (GarciaZamor, 2014). Just like Paul trusted his disciples, management must show full trust in their employees as a way of preserving the future of their church and evangelism (Puskas & Reasoner, 2016). On other fronts, modern organizations can also borrow much by investing in the youth as a way of ensuring their longevity in the market (Bell, 2016).

Global Organizations must also seek to decentralize their operations, including productions, marketing, and sales. By going global just like Paul did with the church, they stand to benefit more as compared to limiting themselves to their domiciled domain (Brown, 2015). The Apostle Paul showed the greatest exemplification of human resources, marketing skills, leadership and management (Fernando, 2016). Therefore it is up to the modern organizations to borrow these principles from Paul to create a proper channel of communication and reporting to ensure that they run successfully just like the Church in Romans (Schuldiner et al., 2017).


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