Analysis Essay on Emerging Org: Key Points for Reasonable Comp & Benefits

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Date:  2023-02-06


From the analysis of the emerging organization's benefits and compensation policy, several issues seem to be missing. For practical compensation and benefits approach, several points should be well articulated. These aspects include a reasonable salary, employee benefits, and also a vacation policy. In the analysis of the current organization, it emerges that many of the employees are moving to other facilities. The focus is to identify the key aspects of the current organization that do not seem to reflect the views and the desires of the employees. The following are the key aspects that seem to be making many of the employees to leave the organization.

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Ares of misalignment

One of the issues that seem to emerge in the current organization is the work policy. Most of the employees pointed out that the time that they are required to report and leave work does not give them a chance to interact with their families. They pointed out they have to leave home early and beat the traffic before reaching work (Jaworski et al., 2018). They also leave very late, and by the time they reach home, it is quite late. Besides, the employees pointed out that there are no wellness incentives for emerging pharmaceuticals. This is an issue of great concern since it reduces the productivity of the employees.

The second aspect that seems to emerge from the analysis is the healthcare flexible spending accounts. The increase in the healthcare premiums forces many of the employers to shift the cost to the employee in the form of deductibles, higher co-payments, and out of the pocket costs. This seems to be the case that is affecting emerging pharmaceutical. The employees pointed out that most of them are trying to save up for a new home, yet they have to pay an extra $50 per month (Ibrahim & Brobbey, 2015). Besides, they argue that the organization does not have a policy that seeks to support or supplement their savings. Therefore, deductions and welfare contributions is one of the issues that seem to be affecting the employees in emerging pharmaceutical.

The other issue that seems to emerge is the 401k or other retirement plans. The employees pointed out that the firm claims that they provide good rewards, but there are no voluntary benefits, and the pension plans do not match. The employees at the lower level tend to feel that it is only those at the top that seem to benefit (De Gieter & Hofmans, 2015). The firm does not seem to have any matching contributions plan or even a way of helping the employees to increase their retirement contributions. A competitive base pay health insurance or 401k plans are the must-have benefits for any organization. Therefore this is an area of concern for the employees in this emerging institution.

The other issue that the employee seems to point out is the paid time off (PTO). Employees in this institution pointed out that PTO only goes for 18 days, and after ten years of employment, there is no PTO. The policy seems to affect the employee's commitment to work since they feel that they are not catered for once they work for more than ten years in the institution.

Areas that need to be improved

One of the areas that need improvement is on the healthy options for the emerging pharmaceuticals. While the health organizations have adopted the Value Provider Plan (Value PPO), the major complaint is on the additional surcharge cost and the lack of wellness incentives. The firm should eliminate these costs and also add some incentives to employees (Lazaroiu, 2015). While it might seem costly for healthcare to shoulder these costs, it will reduce the rate of turnover and eventually reduce the cost of employing and training new employees.

The other issue that seems to be of concern is the problem on the salary scale. The salary offered in the emerging organization is lower as compared to Medtronic (Heathfield, 2019). The average pay for employees in Medtronic is relatively higher, especially for the employees at the lower level and seems to be making many people prefer working with the organization. It would be necessary if the emerging corporation increases the salary for the scientist, research analysts and clinical analysts.

The other area that needs a focus is on the wellness benefits and PTO. The focus of the firm is to reduce turnover and thus retain employees. Individuals that have more experience have more benefit for the firm than the new ones. It is therefore essential to develop an approach that can ensure that they are well catered for. I would recommend a plan that allows the employees to carry over their paid-of-time. Compared to the Medtronic, there are more days in terms of the PTO, and this makes the employees be more motivated (Ibrahim & Brobbey, 2015). The emerging organization should thus focus on increasing the number of days for a PTO.

However, the areas that might not need any change are the Health options. The data shows that the firm already offers a Value PPO that is more employees focused. The possibilities is less costly and provide more values as compared to the one provided by Medtronic.

Overall impact

Looking at the focus of the new approach, the groups that would be affected more would be the employees at the lower level, including the scientist, research analysts and IT developers. The analytical data shows that the people at these groups are the ones that are more disadvantaged in terms of the salary.

Besides, the changes would be more impactful to the individuals that would need to get more education. The group that would be affected more is the young employees that are looking for a chance to further their education.

Increase the number of PTO would eventually lead to lower rates of turnover for the experienced employees. The change would thus have more impact on skilled employees.


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