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The goals of the Klu Klun Klan Indianapolis Newspaper were trying to address the political corruption that took place in the1920s. In a crusade held in the year 1920s against the Klu Klun Klan by exposing the Klan's influence towards the Indiana politics as well as instigating spurring investigations into the corrupt state of the elections. The Indianapolis Newspaper was advocating for the benefit of the general public. They organized various campaigns advocating for the rights as well as their identified jobs for those who were unemployed. Besides, they also exposed some of the multiple state scandals and the errors that were committed (The University of Wisconsin-Madison,2016).

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This Klu Klun Klan was one of the white supremacist terror groups that had emerged during the period of reconstruction. They tried to undermine the blacks by pulling down their economic stability to ensure that the white race has more significant economic superiority. Therefore, for this reason, they were great racists by promoting the list of white supremacy and Americans for Americans. Madison's statement concerning the Klu Klun Klan was referring to the greater violence of restricting the African American labor class to undermine their economic growth and suppress their establishments. Therefore, they were racially motivated terror groups by committing murder, raping, assassinations, and torture. However, they did not survive for long (The University of Wisconsin-Madison,2016).

Discussion 7

Notable Hoosiers

The Indiana National History has a long list of Notable Hoosiers. They include

Oscar Charleston of Indianapolis -1896-1954

Hoagy Carmichael of Bloomington- 1899-1981

Theodore Dreiser of Terre Haute- (1871-1945)

Joshua Bell of Bloomington - 1967-

Anne Baxter of Michigan City- (1923-1985)

Johnny Appleseed of Fort Wayne- (1774-1845)

Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds (1959- )

Theodore Dreiser of Terre Haute- (1871-1945)

He was born on 27th August 1871 in the Terre Haute, Indiana U.S. He was a great novelist and a practitioner of Nationalism. Theodore Dreiser was the ninth among the ten children survivors in the family that was majorly known for perennial poverty. His father was a German immigrant who was continuously moving about in search of a better living(Hood,2019).

Theodore Dreiser spent one year at Indiana University, after which he became a newspaper reporter. Here he began the work of a newspaper reporter in Chicago in the year 1892. In the year 1894, Dreiser arrived in New York City and worked majorly for several newspapers and magazines(Hood,2019). It is in this city that he was privileged to get a wife by the name Sara White and got married in 1898. However, due to various challenges with the relationship, the permanently separated with the wife in the year 1912(Hainze,2019).

He wrote his first novel called "Sister Carrie" and was published in the year 1900. However, his essential and successful story was the American Tragedy published in the year 1925. This novel was analyzing the American legal systems, which made him become a great reformer.

After publishing his first book, Dreiser was subjected to suicidal depression that, without his brother Paul Dreiser he could have succumbed to death. This is because of a story of a woman whose immorality could not go unpunished and happened to have taken his concentration on the sales. Therefore, he was forced to resign in the year 1910 due to issues of an office imbroglio towards the fascinating relationship with an assistant's daughter.

In his 1925 publication of the novel "American Tragedy", this book promoted his scholarly excellence to a height that he didn't imagine. He was then promoted to several literary works, which included even writing about the Communist Soviet Union in 1927. Therefore, Dreiser was famously known as a novelist and majorly the female novels.

Oscar Charleston of Indianapolis

Oscar was born on 14th October 1896 in Indianapolis. He was a famous American Baseball player and manager. He dropped school and purposed to join the American Army. This is because of his outstanding play in baseball among the Negros. He was also best known for his fast speed in games and steady throwing hand, especially when tempered(Beer,2019).

Charleston had an extraordinary life known for his understanding of baseball play throughout the significant part of his life. He retired as a player in the year 1942 with his lifetime battle of an average of 357 scores in various teams. In 1954, he was able to guide the Indianapolis Clowns to a Negro World Championship. He was later inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 1976. He died on October 6th, 1954, in Philadelphia(Beer,2019).

The list of these Notable Hoosiers is very long. However, named two will be discussed. The reason why the two have been considered is because of their legendary life and contributions towards the success of the society.

Discussion 8

Some of the critical question the Tarkington's about The Magnificent Ambersons includes; should the Turmoil be read? However, the most typical response given to this is that any book can be interpreted depending on the order of the trilogy.

The Magnificent Ambersons

Tarkington's in "The Magnificent Ambersons" describes the peoples' way of life by drawing a summary between the choices made. The decisions affect two significant classes, that is, the rich and the poor. His family upbringing was not good because the parents were not that concerned playful character instead transferred him to an academy in East. He determined to become a writer to clearly distinguish the difference in society in terms of the relationship between the classes (The Campbell Playhouse,1939).

This novel fiction was trying to navigate and trace the growth of the United States through the several declining fortunes of the three successive generations. The Amberson family was very highly positioned and upper scale family in Indianapolis with the neighborhoods. However, in the early 20th Century, there was a period of socio-economic change and rapid industrialization, and this affected the family(Nugroho,2019). Therefore, the decline of the Amberson is compared to the rise of the novel tycoons and other new-money families. These families came to rise because of not deriving power from Ambersons' but doing things for their success.

For instance, the novel begins with a retrospective about the family history. When Amberson comes into money and develops himself by buying several plots of land, a time came when several suited men were courting his daughter named Isabel and now that the family was well established and wealthy as well as a community pillar. The lady had to choose between a poor man named Eugene Morgan, who was poor but creative, or Minafer Wilbur, who was more seductive. This is because Minafer was a well-established businessman. In this case, Amberson's daughter perceives the orientation of the family towards the rich and disregards the potential poor man(Gear,2016).

His description of the perception and the way of life in the society did not prevent him from scaling to the greater heights of success. In his writings, he suggested several motivations towards those living in various weak states in society as the potential to become enterprising citizens.

Isabel got a son named George Amberson, who was much spoiled by his mother. He grew up so arrogant and sure of his success and worth as well as the position and became separated and distinctive to other people. In return, George engages with a lady by the name Lucy Morgan who was very sensible but from a humble family. They pave the way for the growth of industries and. This is because Lucy was taught precious characters that humbled George in his life to be a responsible person.

Tarkington, therefore, gives this typical novel writing to the fictional Indianapolis because the great family that was ruling in the town vanished and became darkened. After that was a rise of a new page of families that became tycoons, this writing was in no doubt a permanent social history to the United States fate and growth depending on their perception of the families and communities(Gear,2016).

Amberson Family and Neighborhood Maps

These maps provided the companies that were allied to the family for easy access and offered them insurances. This was to offer the extensive network and footages that were later destroyed upon the family downfall.


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