Analysis and Comparison of Tesco and Debenhams Companies

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Date:  2021-03-19

According to the research, the major difference that exists between Tesco and Debenhams is the aspect that they sell different types of goods and products, and this has created a lot of diversity between them. According to the research, the first difference involves fixtures and fittings. Tesco Business fixtures and fittings contain gondolas and shelves but in the case of Debenhams Business, the business usually sells clothes as their main activity and therefore they are not using any of the gondolas, but they only employ the use of shelves. Debenhams Business, main fixture, and fittings are tables and round nails, and this aspect makes them use diverse methods to display them.

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As the methods used to display products vary, this aspect means that its the business layout also vary because the two companies sell their products in different ways making their space usage also to vary. Tesco Business uses a layout that is similar to that of a supermarket which is Grid Iron Layout but in the case of Debenhams Business, and the business uses Spin Layout. Use of different layout is done so because they have different range and the products also sold differently. Therefore, according to the research, I can establish that all the major differences that arise come from the types of business operations they conduct and the product sold.

Use of merchandise such as store and ambiance design

Use of merchandise such as store and ambiance design, according to the businesss layout, where the customers access to the room is different because from the Debenhams store when the customers enter the store, they see several display screens that usually display new collections and promotions. In Tesco Business, when a customer enters the store the place looks attractive and brighter since the stands at the store are arranged in a good place, suited and arranged with diverse products besides them. The attraction techniques used in these companies also vary. Debenhams store uses regular discounts as their promotion tool and according to Tesco store, the business uses offers such as buy two and get one free to attracts its customers.

Space usage

Space usage is another different element in the aspect of comparison since according to Tesco stores, the store prefers displaying its diverse, valuable products in the top and middle shelves and more demanded products are usually placed in a space that can be viewed from a distance. In doing this, it assists the store to ensure that the customers get sufficient space to pick their products at ease.

According to Debenhams store, the business influences their customers psychological so as to purchase two and get one product free as they arrange all the products that can be coupled together with each other. This aspect is vital as it influences the customers to buy more products from the store.

As a result, I can establish that both businesses are considered different since they sell diverse goods and services and this aspect, therefore, influences other differences like techniques, merchandise, planning, and strategies. If both companies use the same methods, one business may fall because some particular techniques may not work well in specific circumstances.

Evaluation of the above-mentioned aspects

Debenhams and Tesco stores are two stores that need to attain a good level of sales and profits. For both companies to do so, they have to attract diverse customers, and this is why both of them employ different techniques to lure customers to purchase their products. The companies use psychological techniques so as to influence customers to purchase their products by understanding their particular need and what they need to experience in their companies.

Evaluation of these businesses separately


I would like to evaluate the techniques that the companies use so as to attract customers because both businesses have their own techniques and methods that they employ. The first technique is sampling and demonstration of diverse events that they use. Debenhams business uses greater promotion technique more that Tesco business in luring their customers to purchase their goods. Debenhams business organizes for diverse events that they use to present some of their new products collections such as charity events. This technique is vital since it assists the business to attract more customers whereas the Debenhams store uses this method more that Tesco business.

According to the second technique which is positioning of merchandise and fixtures and fittings, all the businesses places all their products on diverse shelves and tables as a clear way to attract both new and existing customers. For instance, all the products such as shirts are placed on the table and ten arranged and positioned symmetrically. In doing this aspect, it assists then to create an organism view of products. Conversely, products are arranged and placed next to one another that can be coupled with one another such as t-shirts placed beside jeans or the ties placed next to suits. This aspect of technique assists the business to make more sales because the customer will purchase one product and pick the other beside product because they are used at the same time.

Tesco business

According to Tesco business, the business uses diverse useful techniques that assisted them to attract a big range of clients. The business was able to attain a greater level of merchandise techniques and also experiences an increased level of income and sales. Tesco business usually uses a well-organized and also well-prepared advertisement and diverse offers to customers that the business uses to attract the customers. Buy two get one free technique is vital for the business as it attracts the customers who see the promotion as viable since that get an extra product once they make any purchase. The business also uses the discount aspect because when I was there, I was able to purchase three packets of milk and I was given an extra packet of milk that influenced me to purchase more products. This example is one of the offers that were made by Tesco business.

Placement of products and merchandise is another technique that helps Tesco business to attract more customers. In the business, the products are placed in the right places where the customers are able to see from a distance because of the bright color placed beside them. Generally, the two businesses that I have mentioned above use the merchandise techniques on very high and qualitative level. The techniques employed by the businesses are vital since they embrace their production, sales, and income. Right usage of space assists the business sales since their placement of products are comprehended, and I will be grateful if the companies continue to advance their techniques and improve points that portray their weaknesses.

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