An Analysis Essay on Industrialization's Effects on the Characters of Mary Barton

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Date:  2022-12-16


Mary Barton's characters experienced profound effects from industrialization, as Elizabeth Gaskell wrote in her novel. The novel is about the lives of people living in Manchester, England, during the middle of the 19th century, which was a period of tremendous industrial growth and change. Mary Barton's characters experienced significant economic and social changes due to the industrial revolution.

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Mary Barton: The Protagonist's Experience

The majority of the characters in Mary Barton were affected by industrialization in some way, either directly or indirectly. The novel’s protagonist, Mary Barton, was a product of the new industrial age and her family had suffered economically due to the changes in labor practices and the impoverishment of the working class. Mary’s father, John Barton, was a weaver who had been laid off from his job due to the mechanization of the textile industry. This had a significant impact on Mary’s family, leading to poverty and insecurity. This poverty and insecurity in turn had a direct impact on Mary’s development, as she was forced to take on a job as a seamstress in order to support her family.

The industrialization of Manchester also had an impact on the other characters in the novel. John Barton’s friend, Jem Wilson, was a coal miner who was injured in a mining accident. This had a significant effect on his life and his family’s poverty, as he was unable to work and provide for them. The industrialization of Manchester also had an impact on the character of Henry Carson, a wealthy mill owner who had made his fortune from the new industrial age. While he was successful in his business pursuits, he was also a source of tension in the novel due to his exploitative labor practices.


Industrialization had a profound impact on Mary Barton's characters. Industrialization had a significant impact on Mary Barton's characters. It also affected their economic and social development. This novel gives a glimpse into Manchester's turbulent times and provides insight into the impact of industrialization on its citizens.

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