American Revolution: 1763-1791: 8th Grade Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-15


The lesson was on the historical subject and focused on learning the political unrest and the American Revolution between the years1763-1791. The target audience of the lesson was 8th-grade students. The objective of the lesson was to equip students with knowledge of the different types of wars that the United States was involved in and how the warfare during that time affected the American Revolution.

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The assessment of the lesson included measuring the performance of the students using a one-page assignment on the Revolutionary war. Additionally, the students were required to compile a list of ideas and tactics during the American Revolution. Also, the students would share their group ideas with the class.

From my assessment on students learning the outcome, I observed that several things went quite well. One of the positive outcomes was that I had enough teaching materials for the lesson. The students were able to acquire historical journals from the school library. The availability of the historical journals ensured that at least a pair of students in the class had access to reading material. This played a major role in improving the effectiveness of the lesson. However, during the lesson, I noted that the students in the class were many; and using the whiteboard was ineffective as some students complained that they were not seeing the writings on the board properly. As a result, I thought it would be best that I would acquire a presentation projector the next time I will be teaching the lesson. The presentation projector will ensure that all students participate in the lesson and save time wasted writing on the whiteboard.

Although the lesson was a success, some challenges limited the effectiveness of delivering the lesson to the students. One of the things that didn't work or me was to maintain the attentiveness of the students during the lesson. Firstly, the class was large and the method of delivering the lesson did not promote students to take part in the lesson and thus leading boredom in class. I noted that some students were sleeping in class, and thus hindering the effectiveness of the lesson.

Additionally, students became tired and uninterested with the lesson because the time allocated for this lesson was too long for the students to concentrate. As a result, I intend to use a PowerPoint presentation in my next lesson to encourage the participation of the students. Additionally, I intend to reduce the lesson time from 1 hour to about 40 minutes to promote attentiveness of the students during the lesson.

Additionally, I was satisfied with the materials that we had for this lesson. The students had their learning materials like pens, books, and reading materials. The school library played a major role in providing us with the required journal sources for American history. However, in my upcoming lesson, I intend to include a projector that will help to present the lesson in PowerPoint. This will ensure that all students in the class can easily see and take notes on important points of the lesson.

From the assessment, I noted that students are getting to understand the various reasons that the United States was involved in warfare between different nations such as British. However, the students are having difficulties in differentiating the time and people involved in American wars. To ensure that students are having an easy way of learning the time and people involved in American wars, I intend to use flashcards in my next lesson. Each student will have a pack of flashcards bearing the dates of events that took place during the American Revolution. The students will be required to study the flashcards at their own time to save time.

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