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Trust Allied Universal is a firm that offers security and facility services with the experience of being in business for over 60 years. The company provides excellent security services and solutions, having more than 200,000 workers with revenue of over 7 billion dollars (Universal, 2020). The company is comprised of merged best risk analyses, talents, and technology to offer technological services, professional services, and custom-made services. The company provides risk advice, consultation services, janitorial services, and event staffing.

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The company employees engage in protecting the customers' locations by covering numerous fields such as healthcare, commercial real estate, residential, retail, financial institutions, public transportation, government institutions, manufacturing industries, chemical utilities, and aerospace. The company services reach North America and the main international markets. The company customizes every level of security for its clients through technological techniques in intrusions, IP-based systems, and alarm detections and support of the recent technology such as Cyber Common Operational Picture CyCop and mobile incident reporting (Universal, 2020). The company's monitoring and responses offer clients with event-based technologies, real-time analytics, and situation alert services altogether.

Inter-Con Security

The firm founder is Hernandez, who is a retired police department lieutenant Enrique in Los Angeles, launched in 1973. The headquarters is in Pasadena, CA. Hernandez had the vision of providing wide-ranging solutions and security for the government and businesses, which were beyond the limit of the old-style capabilities (Hernandez, 2020). The company for the many years to the present in the commitment to offer security excellence remains wholly owned and managed by the Hank Hernandez family. The company's first client was NASA, who needed a security program that included several security disciplines in a confidential setting, which resulted in structural and progression development of the company (Hernandez, 2020). In 1986 due to the various highly-prosperous and innovative security program accomplishments, the government of the U.S chose the Inter-Con to start the local guard security as an experimental program in Mexico for the first time.

The extremely successfulness of the program and the notion of integrating private security in the U.S embassies was then launched and adopted for all American embassies all over the world. Inter con counts among the world's largest security companies globally, with over 35,000 officers in 4 continents and over 50 states (Hernandez, 2020). The company claims customers such as multinational corporations, local governments, public utilities, state governments, and wealthy individuals. The company has intercontinental developed into the offering of leading security services for the protection of many U.S embassies and other nations embassies all over the world.

Ratio Analysis

Inter-con security, there was an alternate rise and drop in the profit margin reaching a peak in 2019 of 26.98. In comparison, the Allied is making positive progress and recording the highest ratio of the asset while the Inter-con security is making losses with the peak reached in 2015. Universal had a steady increase all through the five years range while inter-con security experienced alternate rises and drops.

The analysis implies that Allied Universal is becoming more profitable over the years, while inter-con security is making losses. Inter-con security appears to be facing increased risk, which is the opposite of the Allied Universal. The efficiency of Allied universal is contrary to the inter-con security company. The companies are assisting the customers in the preparation of returning to normalcy through strategic elimination of risk and proper planning. The companies are also implementing the best practices on workplace traffic flow, signage, and guests' traffic flow and upholding to clean and sanitized workstation. They are also practising the pre-screening the temperatures of anyone entering their facilities.

Impacts of the Pandemic on the Firms

The coronavirus has resulted in economic shifts in the security firms. However, the pandemic has come along with new opportunities on the overtime hours in locations that the clients need extra help. The companies need cautious striding and ensuring close communication with the customers in the approximation of the correct overtime. The customers are aware of the need to pay the extra money for the overtime services. The overtime implies that the companies need to pay the workers with premium pays for the overtime job.

However, the companies, to some extent, are experiencing delayed payments for the services they offer. For example, some customers from the restaurant industry are forced to close their businesses and reduce the security time needed (Oringer, 2020). These customers who the company has worked together with for years the companies are forced to accept the delays. Perhaps, the companies are also reducing the security personnel present on their premises to lower down their expenses. The companies, therefore, forced to allow them to maintain their clients instead of losing them to others.

The management of the staffing levels is becoming a challenge since the predictions imply at the peak of the pandemic, the company will only need half of its workforce. The pandemic will result in the negative growth of the companies and reduced operating margins (Oringer, 2020). Perhaps, the sales will reduce, predicted increased operational costs due to high illness levels, and reduced overtime caused by the mitigation measures of governments. The application of proactive, intelligent, strategic, and advanced business decisions will enhance the survival of the companies (Cowling, 2020). Any reactive and unthinking approach model will result in the eventual vanish of a security company.


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