Evaluation Essay Sample on Apple Inc.: The Logo of Success and Loyalty

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Apple Inc. is one of the most recognizable brands across the globe. The marketing strategy used by the organization is the key to its success globally. The reason why the organizations customers are loyal to the firm's product its because of the brand. The logo of the company gives the firm a unique identity. The logo is unique and was designed by Ron Wayne and it depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apples tree when he can up with the law of gravity. Ron presented Steve Jobs with different themes of logos but he fell in love with the bitten logo. The logo has become iconic and the brand identity of the company. The company is one of the best-selling mobile manufactures in the world. Due to its brand identify the firm has become well known and popular among consumers. Consequently, because of its longevity in the industry the company has a better understating of what the consumer needs and company incorporates everything in its product. Some of the most iconic products by the company include iPhone, Mac Book, and the iPod. Apple has revolutionized the mobile industry and music streaming industries.

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Brief Context of Apple

Apple Inc. was founders in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who were both college dropouts. The primary aim for establishing the company was to change the how people view computers. Wozniak and Jobs wanted to create small computers where people could have them at their offices and homes. This was mainly to make computers user friendly. The inception of the company took place at the Steve Job's garage. The founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak revolutionized the computer industry through the introduction of color graphics. The sales by the organization rose from $7.8 million to about $177 million in 1980. 1980 is the year the company went public. In 1983 Wozniak left the company as his day to day activities were diminishing. Furthermore, Jobs also left in 1985 to go and start his new software company NeXT software. Through 1980 the company was making some major strides and in 1990 it posted its highest profit ever. The success of the company can be attributed to the plans that Jobs had put in place before he left. In 1997 the company was in need of an operating system and therefore they had to buy Steve Jobs company NeXT Software. Due to this purchase Steve Jobs became the new CEO and it was made official in 2000. After Jobs took the steering wheels of the organization it started seeing success as he introduced new products such as he iBook, iPod, and iTunes. Although computers where the core business of the company iTunes and iPod where much profitable. With the release of iPhone, the company has become of the pioneers of mobile technology together with Samsung. The company pushes it limits in creativity to create valuable and interesting products for its customers. For its existence the company has greater impact on technology and innovation influencing on how people use computers and phones.

Apple Inc. is an American company that has its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company mainly develops, designs, and sells computer software, online services, and consumer electronics. The organization is among the big four tech companies among Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Although, its headquarters are in California the Apple has manufacturing plants across the globe. Most of the them are in Asia mainly China. The main reason why apple decided to go to China is because of the cheap labor as compared to the united states.

Apple Organizational Structure

The company adopts hierarchical organizational structure that and notable divisional characteristics and weak functional structure. The divisional characteristics in the organizational structure primarily refers to groupings within the firm such as macOS and iOS. On the other hand, the week functional matrix primarily, involves inter-divisional collaboration. The main characteristic of Apple organizational structure is spoke-end-wheel hierarchy, weak functional matrix, and product-based divisions. The spoke-and-wheel hierarchy is an organizational structure within apple that shows the firms considerable hierarchy. In the past the main decisions were made by Steve Jobs but under Tim Cook leadership the hierarchy has changed. Currently Apples has more collaboration between different divisions of the firm such as hardware and software teams. Consequently, the apple vices presidents have more autonomy under the current leadership which limited in Steve Jobs times.

The lower and upper tiers of the organizational structure of apples has product-based divisions. Primarily, this element is derived from divisional type if organizational structure. Moreover, there are several senior vice presidents and vice presidents of different level of products and outputs. For instance, there is the senior vice-president of Software Engineering, a senior vice president of Hardware Engineering.

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