Al Midan Film: Egypt's Massive Protest Drive

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Date:  2022-04-04


This film is about the recent history of Egypt's massive protest drive, directed against its absolute dictator Hosni Mubarak. We get to follow Khalid, Ahmad, and Magdy in the film. They were the three insurgents who meet in the Al Midan and find themselves in the nuclear of history as it's happening.

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What unites all people together in the initial protest movement? Why do Islamists and secularists and Christian Copts get along initially? How does this unity dissipate?

Due to the common interest that every individual had to overthrow the bad governance, Islamists and secularists and Christian Copts get along coming together to join forces and depose the leader Mohammed Morsi. Unity of Islamists and secularists and Christian Copts, dissipated when there was mistrust between the groups. Christians blamed their counterparts to be tricking secrete deals with the military bringing dissipation.

What's the apparent bias of the film regarding the Muslim Brotherhood? Is the perspective of the Muslim Brotherhood granted a voice?

The clear film's bias regarding the Muslim Brotherhood is the replacement of songs and secular slogans in Tahrir Square with the massive Islamic rhetoric and prayers. Muslim Brotherhood is granted a voice since from the film; we find that when Egypt organized its first elections, Muslim Brotherhood-dominated most of the parliamentary outcomes and Dr. Mohammed Morsi took over. Brotherhood was considered to be the country's largest and most influential political alliance despite being barred for years.

How do the secular revolutionaries imagine the role of religion/Islam in the post-Mubarak era? How does the Brotherhood understand the role of Islam in Egyptian society?

Secular revolutionaries imagined the role of religion especially the Muslim in the post-Mubarak era as traitors and government protector. Muslim Brotherhood cut deals with the military and openly supported the protesters a few days later after being inactive and not involved in the first protest. Muslim Brotherhood was predicted as the competitor in the elections. According to the Brotherhood, their understandings regarding the roles of religion is that religion is responsible for demonstrating their power and fight for the less privileged. As Muslim is the main cultural, religion, social and political organization, the Brotherhood understood its role as an organization whose primary mission is challenging political colonialism and corruption alongside framing political structures based on the Islamic effect. They even took a tactical political position to ensure that protestors were given support.

How do the leading actors in the film react to the electoral victory of the Brotherhood?

Main actors partly blame protesters because there was misguided self-righteousness. As a result of this, many of them boycotted organized election this gave Muslims an opportunity to have more seats in the parliament.

Why do millions of Egyptians protest against the Brotherhood President, Muhammad Morsi and ask for his resignation? Why Morsi/Mubarak is not considered a good leader?

Due to bad governance, lack of protection by the military, and his dictatorial leadership in Egypt, it leads to millions of Egyptians to protest against President Muhammad Morsi. This made him considered to be a lousy leader.

What are qualities of a good leader from the secularists/Islamists perspectives? Can a leader be deposed and under what conditions?

Leaders can be deposed and give up their positions. This happens when a leader exercises dictatorship and don't offer appropriate services to the citizens. Sometimes deposition occurs when the leader works in contrary to the constitution. According to Islamist perspective, leadership is a sacred position. Leaders are known to solve problems and guide human to everlasting betterment. They guide followers from the edge of destruction. Hey believed that a good leader is the one who seeks happiness for persons and the whole society.

What is the role of the military in Egyptian politics?

From the film, we find that Egyptian military plays a certain duty in Egyptian's national politics. They support the government as well as the protestors at different circumstances. For instance, the army sided with the demonstrators at one point in Tahrir. The leading role of the military in Egyptians politics is a commitment to their country, and they also felt the same challenges that protestors raised. And therefore they were to stabilize the situation by ensuring justice is granted to the people since they uphold Egypt's national security and sovereignty.

What is the duty of women in the Square? How are women represented in the film? Does the film address the matter of women's rights at all?

Despite active participation and decisive role played by women and as and simple people striving for dignity and respect, they were represented as inferior individuals who do not have rights at all. During this revolution, and in the film, matters of women rights are not addressed at all. Women's contribution and presence to the social upheaval in need for freedom, respects of their rights. They publicly protesters demanding for gender quality and respects.

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