Adopting Telecommuting as a Type of Work Arrangement Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

In this 21st century, most professionals are inclining towards adopting telecommuting as a type of work arrangement to execute duties from the comfort of their home without traveling to a physical office. Telecommunicating is an aspect that encompasses working from a remote location by making use of the readily available telecommuting techniques. Such techniques including working under a network by performing duties through the use of mobile phones, email, skype, or faxes by using the internet to interlink within the network. Even though some companies like Yahoo are abolishing telecommuting amongst their employees, the benefits of telecommuting supersede the drawbacks of using telecommuting in an organization.

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Telecommuting inculcates many advantages to employees. One of the benefits of telecommuting is the ability of workers to have freedom in his or her remote locations. In this case, the employees find it easy to balance their careers and meet the family or their obligation. This is even an advantage to those people who wish to bond with their children at home. Telecommuting gives such people an opportunity to have enough time with their family hence fulfilling their personal goals as they strive to meet the goals of the organization. Most importantly, telecommunicating is helping people with disability to perform their duties from the remote setting. As such, people with physical disability don`t have to worry about their impairment because they can handle tasks from a remote location.

Arguably, telecommuting diminishes distractions that might otherwise occur in an open office space. As such, working from home makes a person an employee more productive because telecommuting decreases absenteeism and increase job retention. Therefore, telecommuting not only relieve the employees from wasting time in traffic but also saves the company overhead cost regarding the maintenance of the office furniture and paying the office rent. In overall, the employees` morale increases when they have freedom of working from a remote location. As Dan Schawbel says, "Millennials will be the change makers" by 2025, Generation Y will make up to 75% of the workforce. This speculation might be true because of the prevailing technology dynamics.

Sometimes the downside of telecommuting is that is the employees is not self-motivated, it is easy for him/her to be swayed by the distraction from within the remote location. For instance, if an employee has an infant baby, sometimes he can be compelled to attend to the crying baby. Such destructions although not common might make employees unproductive at a particular time or compromise the deadlines for attending to important responsibilities.

The primary benefits of working from the office are the advocating for teamwork. For centuries, most managers believe in collaboration. Teamwork is a crucial aspect that uplift talent and converges ideas in the workplace. As such, when working from the office, there is no complicated task; consultation and interaction make work more comfortable and reduces pressure for solving complex problems.

Besides, working from office instills necessary discipline habits to employees. For example, the dressing code and time management skills influence the performance of the employees. Hence, discipline has something to do with how serious the employees will perform the task they are assigned.

On the contrary, working from office orchestrate many drawbacks. Commuting to the workplace is the most challenging drawbacks that irk many employees. Unless you live near your office, the life of penetrating the traffic jam during rush hours and the time spend on traffic is messy. Most employees find it hectic to accept commuting as part of their routine. Most of the employees sometimes wish to cease working in places where traffic is frequent.

Besides, spending time is a restricted work environment where employees are enclosed in a cubicle staring at the computer for more than 8 hours a day is not an easy task. Staying close to the computer without getting the sunlight has a devastating effect on the human health. For example, employees sometimes strain to persevere with such conditions such as poor posture, and lack of vitamin D. As such, during the winter, most employees develop eye complications. Therefore, this is a threat to work from office as compared to when you are at home with freedom to access what your body demands.


The decision by Yahoo to abolish remote work arrangement attract benefits and drawbacks. In my opinion, based on the premises presented regarding the misuse of remote office privileges, I support the decision by Yahoo with a benefit of doubt. As the memo conveyed, "people abusing the privilege and staying away from the office to the point where the cost of the perk outweighed the benefits" the action of the company to withdraw the privileges was the best cause of actions to help the company from losing talented employees because of neglecting their official duties. On the contrary, the decision might affect those individuals who are loyal and prompt at their remote office, but the company has no option other than introducing a leveraging policy to serve all the employees. In another perspective, the decision by Yahoo is likely to affect the recruitment of talented employees at the same time increasing high employee turnover because some employees might oppose the idea of relocating to Yahoo offices. However, it would have been prudent if the company would introduce some security controls to identify those individuals who breach the office responsibilities but still support telecommuting because Yahoo is an internet giant.

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