Administration Assistant Position Cover Letter Example

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Date:  2022-07-15

Dear David Hilary,

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I am writing in regards to the advertised position of the administrative assistant position in the marketing department at Arcadia Merchandise. I saw the advertisement for this position in the local daily newspaper, online job search engines as well as referral from Leonardo Lucas who is your sales manager and also a former colleague of mine for many years. Lucas recommended that I apply for this position and contact you directly regarding the position since she believes that based on the skill, knowledge, and experience I demonstrated while we were working together are competent for the position you are offering. I am currently working at Lipsy London.

I have pursued a Bachelors of Arts (Business Administration) with a GPA of 3. I have other supporting credentials that promote my competency and flexibility in executing duties in our dynamic world and trendy markets. The certifications that I have acquired so far include Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business, Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership and Vogue Fashion Certificate.

I believe I fit entirely in the position of assistant administrator. I have experience of 3 years as the salesperson at M.i.h Jeans, and experience of 2 years at Lipsy London in a full capacity as the Assistant Administrator. In summary, in both positions, I have experienced various aspects of office administration. I have been tasked with the responsibility for coordinating sales, stock management at the fashion stores, accounting, maintain sales records and any other general company's records, creating and updating inventories, critical thinking and decision making partner to the business, market survey, as well as relationship building with customers and brand merchandiser. I always worked at ensuring efficiency of operation in the organization and effective business environment that is focused in attaining the vision and mission of the company.

While working at Lipsy London as an administrative assistant, I maximize many of the skills that I possess, and also exploited the opportunity I had working closely with the marketing department. My foremost duty was to maintain communication between departments as the company was striving at restructuring the advertising campaign. I am honored to be part of the 35% growth of the company that was archived due to the new marketing strategy we implemented courtesy of my professional contribution.

I would be more than glad and appreciative if you consider my application and invite more for an interview. I am confident that if I get hired as your administrative assistant, I will dedicate my time and energy towards the development of the organization. My resume is attached for you to have an in-depth review, and I will follow up with you in a few days in case you contact me. You can keep in touch with me at 777-333-222or email me at [email protected]. I would like to express my appreciation for your valued time and have a beautiful day ahead.


Elizabeth Adams

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