Rising Workplace Demographics: Impact on Medical Facility - Essay Sample

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According to agencies monitoring workplace demographics, the average age of workers will rise as the baby generation grows towards retirement age. The younger workers will be inadequate to replace the retired workers (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). The composition will, therefore, have a significant effect on the medical facility. As a result, as the employees grow older, a change may be evident in their preference for different benefits. These include flexibility in the working hours and job sharing as some, upon attaining retirement age, maybe compelled to remain at work. Some of them may choose to retire if they are unhappy with their present work situations leading to the loss of knowledgeable and experienced workforce in the medical facilities. It also becomes difficult for companies to strategize ways to retain employees and prepare for their retirement. Stereotypes often resulting from age may not be easy to deal with, often causing the loss of employees.

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External forces often cause changes, and some of these changes may have a negative impact. These include; change in demography as employees often demand changes in their favor, which may cause difficulty in adjustments in the organizations. Some of the workers may suddenly retire, leading to the loss of skilled and experienced workforce. It may also be difficult to develop strategies that will retain employees due to stereotypes often associated with age (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). As technology rapidly advances, companies are motivated to adapt to new changes. The technology changes may be so profound that companies have difficulties in adapting. Globalization, which has been a recent change, is harmful when companies opt to outsource their processes to more developed countries. Their employees often stress over jobs moved abroad, and the company may find it expensive to retrain their workers and strategize on global competition. Companies also find it valuable to change as a result of changing market conditions and growth.

Often, a shift in political power from democratic to republican or vice-versa may lead to resistance to the change. The change leads to disruption of habits, which may lead to resistance as people find it clumsy adopting new methods in case the new policies of power demand specific changes that were not in the earlier form of control. Different personalities view change differently with people that are open to experience, easily more willing to accept change. Unlike them, pessimistic people are often resistant to change (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). Also, due to being uncertain about the new changes and not knowing what will accompany the changes set resistance. Besides, individuals who perceive they may lose their current power and positions as the political powers change may not welcome the adopted amendments.

Changes in an organization, including management changes, are often met with resistance. For the change to be effective, the resistance is handled to achieve the desired positive impact. Various steps may be adopted to decrease worker’s anxiety and make the transformation process easy. As change involves the decision-making process, it is essential to include the employees in the process (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). With their inclusivity, it will be easy considering their views concerning the change, thus reducing their opposition to the new procedures. Altogether if the inclusion is not possible, the firm may enlist a small number of people, preferably leaders who will advocate the importance of expected changes. Effective communication of change and the process should be one change at a time. If resistance is due to political changes, the managers and leaders are mandated to offer support and generally mentor their people and ensure all the necessary resources are available to their team for effectiveness.

Globalization may positively impact an organization in that it can outsource its operations to counties with cheaper wages. Also, as production and service delivery in less developed countries is often less expensive, corporations may move to such countries. The more affordable fees and low production costs are an advantage to firms (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). On the other hand, globalization may be harmful in that organizations may find it hard to operate in ways not used to as they are under pressure of globalization, thus changing to new production methods. It may be challenging to handle employees who develop stress when their jobs are moved overseas. Besides, retraining workers and learning global competition may not be easy for corporations.

Despite the negativities associated with resistance to change, the resistance may be positive in different ways. Resistance is usually essential feedback to the firm, and they may find out reasons for resisting the change and why they do not believe the difference will work. That is often the case with loyal employees that feel their company is on the threat at the proposal of a change (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). It becomes possible to develop the most effective change through listening and considering their input in the evolution. Their suggestions may also make the company adopt a different change upon finding out why the new change is not welcome.

Regarding Moore's law, any organization is motivated to change as technology rapidly advances occasionally. The technology produces development that drives companies to improve their technology, which at times may be a real struggle by the corporation. An example is an advancement in the music industry (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). Traditional records became less appealing compared to the CDs introduced later. Companies doubled prices, which was an advantage to them. Companies that were unprepared for the change found it disruptive and opt for another change in the industry, development of technology that would copy a CD. The law is also explained in integrated circuits, vacuum tubes and transistors.

Market conditions often change, which creates internal changes in corporations as they struggle to shift to the new changes and adjust fully. In the United States, market change has affected the airline industry. Following terrorist attacks in the area on September 11, air travel demand significantly decreased. The same effect led to more planes travels bookings through the internet hence the ease and efficiency in airline price comparison resulting in stiff competition based on cost (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). The strategy, however, backfired due to the significant increase in fuel costs, leading to many airlines slicing offs various amenities offered, including meals and luggage checks. Only a few airlines were able to remain in business.

Active and passive resistance are the main types of change resistance. Active resistance involves much negative reaction to a change proposal. The active resistors often sabotage the efforts geared to the change, thus making the vocal objectors to new operation activities. An example is employees informing managers and leaders about their fears and doubts in adopting new systems in the organization. On the other hand, passive resistance entails the change being a disturbance without the resistors not necessarily speaking out their opinions (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). They quietly dislike the new change, thus feeling stressed and unhappy. As a result, they opt for new jobs without even raising their concerns to decision-makers. It includes workers resigning from their jobs without prior notice or apparent reasons for their decision.

Like any other form of a new administration, a new president comes with new strategies structure and new policies. A change may take some time, but there must be a radical alteration of the way the organization operates. A new president would implement the original decision to control all the processes. Resistance to change would trigger the new management from achieving the set strategies and objectives. Resistance to change is of a different form; active, passive, compliance, and enthusiastic support. Active resistance is the adverse reaction to the proposed change attempt, while passive resistance may be described as a dislike to change (Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020). Compliance involves goings along with the proposed changes while enthusiastic consists of giving support to others so that they change.


Courses.lumenlearning.com. 2020. Organizational Change | Principles Of Management. [online] Available at: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/principlesmanagement/chapter/7-4-organizational-change/ [Accessed 12 June 2020].

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