Achieving Success in Human Resource Management: From Entry-Level to CHRO - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-01


The paper focuses on career paths in the field of Human Resource Management and the progress of a Human Resource specialist. It makes to acquire different ranks in the organization. The discussion also covers different career paths to the corporate Human Resource and the Human field Resource. An associate, who is trying to have a profession in Human Resource Management, can begin at the entry-level and stir their way up to the top level, even turning into a Chief Human Resources Officer. A study carried out by Hedge and Carter (2020) shows how both genders are advancing through the HRM profession path, which is expressed in this paper also. The paper additionally talks about the Human Resources Management structure as a part of the strategy and how the methodology should function with different specialty units as the connection among individuals and a definitive goal.

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The Human Resources Management field offers several opportunities. Professionals interested in pursuing a career in Human Resource Management can do so from entry-level to the director and even VP or SVP roles. The HRM career path is explored by both men and women who may possess different educational and experience backgrounds (Ribeiro, Gomes & Caria, 2020). In other words, the HRM positions have been witnessed getting filled with candidates from backgrounds that do not usually show the career path of a human resources management professional. A Human Resources professional also would be involved in strategic planning and execution that would be part of the overall enterprise strategy and is a must in today's corporate organizational structure.

The human resources career field has many levels of positions available, which include ones at the hourly level, salary level, home office, and even area HR. A person who pursues a career in the HRM field can start at an entry-level position, such as an HR Manager in a single retail store overseeing the day to day HRM duties, then grow into doing more with an opportunity to become a District HR Manager who oversees a multiple numbers of stores anywhere from eight to twenty depending on the organization (Hedge & Carter, 2020). After gaining experience as a District HR Manager, then depending on the organization, they would get promoted to a Regional HR Director. At this level, they are now considered a director-level associate who also comes with added perks such as stock options, stock grants, among others.

A Regional HR Director could oversee anywhere from an average of fifty stores to well over a hundred with approximately ten direct reports, which would be the District HR Manager (Elvstrand & Lago, 2020). After successfully performing the duties of a Regional HR Manager, this person can get promoted to a Divisional HR Senior Director position, which oversees the overall HR functions of an entire division, which is usually comprised of approximately three hundred to a thousand stores depending on the organization. This position would have the Regional HR Director as the direct report, along with the overall responsibility of all HR functions but also serves as the direct liaison between the filed team and corporate HR team.

The Divisional HR Senior Director would be reporting to a Vice President of Field HR, which is considered an officer level position overseeing an entire human resources business unit. Now looking at this from a corporate HR career path, there are several key HRM positions, specifically in HR analytics, talent management, HR strategy, and Compensation (Hedge & Carter, 2020). Many corporate HR executives have helped previous leadership roles within the HR organizational structure leading to becoming an officer in HRM. An associate who pursues a career in HR analytics would be involved in analyzing HR-related data, compiling the data, and ensuring it is used appropriately for productive use.

The talent management business unit involves overseeing the programs, policies, and results that ensure the organization is staffing, recruiting, training, and onboarding new leaders to the organization. Another career path for the corporate HRM would be under the compensation business unit. Persons working in this area would be responsible for ensuring benefits are allocated accurately, and compensation for all levels of associates are aligned following federal and state laws but also fair for every associate (Ribeiro, Gomes & Caria, 2020). The Human Resources Management team is typically focused on a strategy that involves being a business partner to their operations, merchandising, and event logistics counterparts. An effective HRM strategy focuses on the critical main seven functions of the HRM team, and according to research, the validation of the importance of a Human resource management strategy must be recognized by organizations; specifically, on the training strategy, which we will review the effect of its implementation.


The career path of Human Resources Management, along with strategic planning, has been explored by both men and women and is an integral part of any organization's structure. The HRM is involved in many vital aspects of the organization's strategy and helps support the overall objectives of what the company is set forth to accomplish while offering many job opportunities to the HR professional.


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