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Date:  2023-05-21


Edward Deming's 14 points of total quality management work effectively for my organization. However, there are specific points that the organization emphasizes more than others. For example, it ensures it creates constancy of purpose for improving products and services. The management has to emphasize on improve the products consistently (Pinto, 2020). The primary focus here is to gain a competitive advantage and retain employment. The IT department always requires constant innovations and improvements because technology advances every day (Nyirenda & Kumar, 2019). Therefore, the organization relies largely on my department to get updated information and important areas to adjust where possible.

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More so, my organization is always keen on adopting the new philosophy. Different economic conditions require new challenges and opportunities within the organizations (Alauddin & Yamada, 2019). For example, multiple problems have been caused by the Covid- 19 pandemic affecting the entire world. The organization should be ready for any adjustments, depending on the situation. Flexibility is always critical for my organization.

Concerning the case of inspection to achieve quality, the organization understands that inspections are not only expensive but also unreliable and do not result in quality improvement. My IT departments always avoid mistakes and make sure that it works accurately and consistently throughout. This way, the quality of the services and organization products is always assured.

More so, IT department views the supplier as a partner in the provision of quality products and services. As the department, we understand that quality, in most cases, relies on consistency, and therefore we utilize the assistance of a single supplier. The supplier is readily available and has never compromised the quality or delayed his services. This way, the operations have been happening smoothly partly because of his unique services.

The IT department continually upgrades the systems and processes to ensure quality and up-to-date technology is applied by the organization (Alauddin & Yamada, 2019). More so, we continuously train the staff so that they can utilize the systems efficiently. This way, productivity is always enhanced in our organization. The management should always try not to dictate the workers but to support them so that they can utilize their skills and talents (Pinto, 2020). The management acts as a guide and support to the staff. More so, the organization does not instill fear among the workers. We ensure that they freely express their concerns so that they can get the necessary support and guidance.

The organization is always proud and readily supports creativity. The employee's across the departments are allowed to execute their work independently and professionally without excess pressure of meeting the deadlines. The organizational ensures there are teamwork and cooperation among the employees. The IT department offers guide and support primarily to new staff so that they can execute their mandates smoothly.

Application of the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments work for my organization effectively. There are commandments which encourage morals and those that discourage criminal activities. As the organization, we encourage the employees to seek divine intervention and be prayerful at all times. More so, the organization does not promote immorality or indecent acts from either the staff or the management.

Two commandments are very critical in my organization; "You shall not steal" and "You shall not murder" (Holy Bible: English Standard Version, 2001). It is unacceptable to engage in criminal activities like murder and stealing as a stakeholder of our organization. Those found engaging in such activities are arrested, charged by a court of law, and loses their jobs immediately. This way, the organization maintains a public image, which it protects at all times. Therefore, it is clear that my organization work in close connection with the guidelines provided in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).


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