A Satirical Proposal: Redefining Solutions to Poverty in the United States - Paper Example

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  639 Words
Date:  2024-01-25

Shockingly, one of the world's most powerful nations continues to face un-accommodation problems such as poverty. The use of drugs, the lack of education, the weak economy, and the housing shortage triggered the disastrous situation. Homeless people are wandering the streets, and the numbers continue to rise. Suppose a higher alternative to the current settlement is not provided in the future. In that case, the circular outcome of suffering due to its economic roller coaster impact will occur throughout the United States.

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I hope that both sides will adhere to the idea that poverty in the United States is ridiculous; it would be amazing to create an alternative effort to solve poverty with simplicity. The person who proposes a successful plan should be made the country's new president. But this is only an assumption since what is being suggested is absurd. Just because an individual raises good ideas doesn't mean that they should be made leaders. My subjectivity is far more than only offering other options to change the existing system; my solutions are more innovative to address poverty. Everybody will feel a sense of harmony and dignity. There would be no need to fight to obtain better-paid jobs. Incorporating the new plan would only be a two-step process; everyone would contribute equally to a one-minded society to the well-being of America.

I have found that the existing solutions are not as successful as my own, despite my research. I should suggest what is in my mind, which I know will be embraced by all. Absolute communism is what I deliver to the general American public. This implies that poverty can become redundant, the program for learning would be similar to the needs of many American citizens, and salaries for every person would be equal (Shaefer et al). While advocates for more significant assistance to the poor frequently concentrate on socioeconomic factors, it is difficult for individuals to find employment in an increasingly advanced economy. Suppose it is recognized that lack of access to quality work is due to ethnic discrimination, a regional mismatch between low life and where jobs are accessible. It's a more charitable mentality towards the disadvantaged. The above view indicates that the poor are less accountable for their lack of a job than the victims of a social or economic system that has let them down.

The U.S. economy would automatically rocket sky-high by implementing the latest reform to America's existing government structure, leaving not a single citizen underprivileged, and everyone would be happy with having the same salary as the next. This is satire since not everyone would be content in any society with a government (Semega et al.). There is no reasonable cause for someone to be disappointed, unless communism is inadequate, of course. I wish the audience would forget what was seen in the communist states since there were corrupt leaders in the communist states.

It's not that there weren't any better ideas than my own. It's just that they weren't addressed. I tried to find a better approach to eliminating poverty in a century's worth of study and have not yet come across one that makes me sure that my proposal will succeed without a doubt. Examples of sarcasm and exaggeration are the following two phrases: the writer has not lived for more than a century or put too much research. There have also been other significant alternatives that the writer has not done enough analysis to find.

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