Paper Example on CHRO Establishes Strategic Recruitment Plan for Expansion

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Recruitment of staff is one of the main functions of the management; the process is critical and requires proper considerations of recruitment guidelines to ensure that the new employees meet the required standards. As a Chief, Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in the company, it is my role to establish a strategic plan for recruitment and hiring of employees. Since the organization wants to expand into a new market and establish an office to serve in the area, employee's new employees will be required to serve in various positions. To ensure that the expansion strategy is achieved and the new office is established, the planning and recruitment of new employees are necessary. This paper, therefore, describes the main factors to be considered in the recruitment processes for the new office that the company intends to establish for the expansion strategy.

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In order to ensure that the hiring process is effective and the company attains the best in recruiting staff for the new office, legal statues influencing the hiring process shall be considered; this includes data security and protection legislation, criminal records, and other employee legal rights to work in the new office (Sameen & Cornelius, 2015). To avoid discrimination of any kind, the process will observe a free and fair process of recruitment and selection steps, thus will not only help to observe legal requirements but also protect the company's reputation in the market. The aspects of planning and recruitment shall be considered for the new office:

Initial Recruiting

As CHRO in the company, I will consider outsourcing employees for the initial recruitment, thus is because outsourcing employees will help to free us from the usual time-consuming recruitment process of finding appropriate employees (Claus Wehner, Giardini & Kabst 2015). The criteria for recruiting employees in these cases will be simple and easy to find suitable candidates for each of the posts required in the office. Outsourcing employees is cost-effective; it reduces the cost of recruitment and hiring since the cost related to job boards, advertising, and other recruitment activities into one. Cost per-hire is one of the jokey concerns in human resource management; outsourcing recruiting, therefore, will help to reduce such costs and meet the required guidelines within a short time and in a more effective way.

Types of Media That Will Be Used For Recruiting

Today, the economy has changed, making recruiting and the process of hiring the appropriate candidate's ore critical. Therefore finding the right employees for the new office will require the company to keep up with modern recruiting technology that is using the most accessible and popular media channels. Social media platforms will, therefore, be useful in the process (Sameen & Cornelius, 2015). Social media is commonly used, and it will not only help in the process of recruitment but also presents the company in the market.

Social media will help the company to extend the point of reach; we will ask employees to share the company's posts about the new requirements on social media platforms. Furthermore, the company will join LinkedIn groups, tweeter, and Facebook. LinkedIn platforms have recruitment and hiring platforms for specific positions, which will make it easy for the company to identify and recruit the best employees (Taylor, 2016). After joining these social media channels, the company can create awareness, build a reputation, and show that it is actively recruiting employees. We can use chats and videos to interact with passive candidates.

Types of Positions That Are Needed

1. Office Manager

An office manager will be required to maintain an organization's strategy and engage in business relationships. He or she will be responsible for organizing company events in the region, dealing with companies, correspondents, and queries about the office and the company. He or she will also be responsible for monitoring and supervising the roles of administrative staff and organizing meetings.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a bachelor's degree in the related field
  • Have three years' experience in an administrative post
  • Be a computer literate
  • Be a good time manager and have excellent communication skills

2. Receptionist

The new office requires a receptionist to carry help facilities communication between the clients and the company and other critical functions of a receptionist. He or she will be responsible for responding to client's inquiries, answer calls, manage and odder supplies for the office operations, receive and distribute the organization's mails.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a bachelor's degree in the related field
  • Two years' experience
  • Competency in computer skills
  • Excellent in verbal and written communication

3. Office Assistant

The office will also require an administrative assistant to help in clerical duties and enable the organization to operate smoothly in the new business territory. He or she will act as a go-to- person in the organization. Their responsibilities include scheduling appointments, filing documents providing general services to the members of staff, responding to phone calls. He or she must be friendly and well organized because they are the first impression of the office.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a bachelor's degree in the related field
  • Have three years' experience
  • Be time conscious, competent in computer skills
  • Have good communication skills

The Timeline for Completing the Recruiting Process

The recruitment process will take 25 working days. This time limit will enable the organization to attain excellent benchmarking and select the best employees for the specified posts.

Stakeholders That Need To Be Involved In Developing the Recruiting Plan

The primary stakeholders to gain considerate input in the process include the chief operating officer who was responsible for initiating the process of expansion of the company. The chief operating officer is the one who requested for recruitment guidelines and presented the impacts of the new strategy to the company. Another stakeholder is the chief legal officer who will serve to oversee legal statutes of human resource management from recruitment and hiring perspectives. There are several legal considerations required in the process. Therefore the chief legal adviser will serve a critical role in the process. Human resource managers within the organizations are among the stakeholders; they will play a critical role in providing advice for recruitment in the hiring process.

Types of Costs That Will Be Involved In Recruiting the New Employees

1. Recruiting Cost

Today, hiring the best performers is highly competitive; therefore, the company will incur recruiting costs. According to The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the cost of recruiting new staff continues to rise every year (Albrecht et al. 2015). Therefore the company must budget for this cost.

2. Pre-Employment Screening Cost

Pre-employment screening is required financial resources to facilitate the process. Screening is the final, and most crucial step to hiring, a background check including criminal record, education verification, and professional license will require some costs

3. Office Space and Equipment

The new office and employees require office space and equipment. The company will, therefore, incur costs in the process of recruitment to establish space and acquire all the necessary materials for the new office. Cost for leasing office space, furniture, and electronics are part of the initial recruitment costs for establishing the new office.


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