A Discussion on the Founding Fathers

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Date:  2022-04-04


There were no agreed-upon criteria for inclusion into the select group of founding father; customarily it only required a noticeable contribution to the founding of the United States. The founding fathers are the prominent statesmen of the Americans revolutionary generation from the thirteen colonies in North America, who lead to the successful war for independence against Great Britain, leading to the establishment of the United States of America. There are at least seven individuals often credited with founding the united states of America this includes Benjamin Franklins, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and john jay (Lambert, 2010).

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Why Did the Founding Fathers Feel That It Was Necessary to Give Presidents Inherent Powers?

Inherent powers are the assumed powers of the president that are not explicitly listed in the constitution that facilitate the efficient performance of duties in the office. The establishment of the inherent strengths by the founding fathers was necessary due to various reasons that include. First, the presidents gained the powers on foreign policies, such as the power to negotiate international treaties and to appoint ambassadors. For example, President George Washington declared the United States' neutrality in the war between France and Britain in 1793 (Lambert, 2010). Through conducting foreign policies, the presidents have also signed executive agreements with other countries that do not require Senate action. Secondly, the inherent powers allow the president to respond to the crisis. As commanders in chiefs of the army, the presidents have sent the American troops into combat without consulting or congress authorization an example is the Franklin D response to the great depression and World War II (Lambert, 2010).

How Do These Powers Differ From the Enumerated Powers?

The enumerated powers are the powers that are granted to the Congress by the United States Constitution to ensure that, the government does not become an overreaching entity that subject people to oppression. These powers differ from the enumerated powers in that; the inherent powers are not explicitly listed in the constitution thus giving the presidents the ability to make their own choices without consulting. The enumerated powers are well recorded in the United States Constitution, to enable the Congress to prevent the people from oppression by the government through the inappropriate use of the inherent powers by the president.

In Your Opinion How Likely, Are Presidents to Misuse Their Powers?

The presidents are regularly likely to misuse their powers. The law gives them ability and high chances to make opinions and choices without consulting, of which some of the choices and decision may fail to abide by the law. For example, the president may be acting personally through his agents in disregard of the constitutional rights of the citizens. They may also disregard the rule of law whereby the presidents misuse their executive powers through interfering with agencies of the executive.


Lambert, F. (2010). The founding fathers and the place of religion in America. Princeton University Press.

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