A Battle With Grendel in Beowulf Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-06

Grendel's fierce strides were very expansive. Every step made by Grendel's huge and calloused feet flew one after the other. The ground shook as if it was displaced following the steps of that beast. The trembling of the ground was of a terrific earthquake heating the rocks in a deep sea. The eyes of fierce beast glowed in darkness like the sun on a bright day. Before the waking up of fearful and trembling soldiers, the giant had already extinguished Geat. The body for a Geat was torn like a soft cake with strong teeth, and the corpse was lying on the dry ground with blood all over. The actions of Grendel were like of a revenging soldier in war.

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Grendel had known the way to get to Hrothgar like the previous nights. In this day, the thing seems different for the beast. Hrothgar was heavily guarded and there was nowhere to find a way through. On arrival, Grendel kicked off the entrance guards with his gigantic legs. Grended penetrated fiercely through the walls with a bloody-thirsty knife in his hands. There was a bright light from his eyes and sword. Strangely, he saw a big hall before him full of readily armed warriors. Like other moments of battle, Grendel used all the tactics to tear all the soldiers in pieces. Grendel thought of taking the lives of all of them in a single minute.

This a day of doom for Grendel, and he was not aware as he thought that it was like any other day of celebration. As his custom, Grendel took one of the soldiers in his like a piece of bread and began to tear down his body in pieces. He marched forward like a moving mountain and snatched another warrior. Suddenly, Grendel felt a strange resistance from the second fighter. The force from the warriors towards Grendel caused him to almost fall down. At this point, the beast realized that the soldier was stronger than him. Grendel resort for his feet for a rescue, he started running away from the fighter was following him closely.

The war worsened and the building was collapsing but its pillar strengthened its walls. Herot was receiving all kind of hits, and there was shaking all over the building. Danes trembling in fear hid as Grendel was crying in pain. At this point, Grendel knew that the opponent was mightier and he had nothing but to surrender as a defeated fighter. Other fighter gathered the courage to defend Beowulf. The warriors woke up in readiness to finish their enemy. Beowulf received support from other warriors and the life of Grendel was becoming to an end. The combined efforts in defending Beowulf made Grendell powerless and his techniques of tearing people's lives could not help.


In spite of his efforts to escape, Grendel could not survive the kicks from Beowulf. The journey back to his home did not a success because of the gruesome fight with Beowulf. The bleeding and bruises received from the battle cause Grendell to die on the way. Beowulf was then gifted with praise and honor after defeating a great enemy in the land. Celebrations were all over because of the death of Grendel. People from different parts of Geats came to appreciate Beowulf for king their adversary. Beowulf became one of the heroes in the land because of killing the fiercest enemy. The day Beowulf killed Grendel was remembered by all people and generations.

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