4 Years at Fig Tree: Location & HR Impact on Success - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-23


Fig Tree venture is a multi-brand Restaurant Company, which I have been serving as a Cost Control Department Manager for the past four years. The functions of the company are divided and assigned based on the departments. These functions include human resources, research, development, marketing and sales, finance, customer services, and operations. This paper will offer a discussion on the effect of location strategy and human resources on Fig Tree venture.

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The key ingredient to business success is proper location strategy. With appropriate location strategy, the restaurant has been able to benefit greatly. Foremost, there has been easy access to the place by the customers because Fig Tree Venture is located at the main road where there is a station well as the junction of various roads (Tzeng et al., 2002). Due to this proper location, it is always flocked, which results in high sales as well as profits. Secondly, accessible means of transporting farm produce to the restaurant (Mattila, 2001).

Also, this strategic position of Fig Tree ventures being at the town makes it to get more customers due to the high level of competition in the city because customers will tend to be attracted to the restaurant that prepares the best meals (Parsa et al. 2005). Additionally, there is easy and accessible labor at any time, whether those delivering takeaway foods to the clients or those working in the restaurant day and night since it operates throughout day and night.

On the other hand, human resources are the primary driving force behind the company's success. These are the restaurant employees, as well as the department responsible for managing the human resources in the firm (Camillo et al., 2008). Human resources are necessary since it aids in strategic planning and an excellent reputation for the restaurant. Proper treatment of the workers enables the restaurant to use them as advertising agents for their products (Ulrich et al. 1995). Through this department of human resource training and development, specialists conduct coordination of new employee orientations.


In conclusion, Fug Tree Venture is a multiband restaurant company that has been popular for many years because of its local and international dishes, proper location, and customer services. The restaurant's strategic location on the road has resulted in an increased number of customers and more accessible means of transport. Human resources have made it successful through acting as advertising agents and offering excellent services to customers, which results in the retention and attraction of more customers.


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