21st Century Education: Reimagining Teaching Systems - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-10


Education is viewed as a key element in life to equip one with the necessary skills to compete with the rest of the world. The teaching systems put in place to acquire this have done an incredible job in seeing the enlightenment of society through education is achieved. Despite the tremendous success, the school's dissemination ways of education are still wanting. A study done by Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine finds one of the problems to be the teaching systems founded a century ago as still the ones used today in an evolved world of education. Different researchers also find a loophole on how education is offered, instead of depth, it's based on the breadth, coverage of syllabus and students scrambling for better grades with limited time to so, thus leaving little room for the student to create or generate value to their education. This makes student as passive recipients of knowledge with little sense of development for the changing world trends.

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This leads to the question of how a school should be to adjust to the new changes. Since the current system is based on filling students with the knowledge, with little room for the students to explore and be involved in the creation of knowledge in the areas they best like, there's a need for delegation of more freedom and responsibility to students. This will enable students to break off from classroom boredom, be more responsible, and well prepared to face their young adulthood. Need for project-based learning to make school more diverse and interesting. Also, the need to experiment, for example, extensive online studying/ learning instead of only going online to submit assignments or do exams. Need for an education model that stands all challenges posed to schools, e.g., the old system of education in schools has been dramatically challenging by COVID 19pandemicand the lack of familiarity with the new online mode of learning is also challenging to both teachers, students and even for the parents.

Need for a school system that considers the large population of students with accommodation issues such as those in shelters, foster homes as they often miss school, hence making it hard to catch up with others. It is also difficult for them to concentrate on school work. This can be achieved if there's a program set purposely for such students to support and cushion them from such challenges, thus protecting them from stressful home challenges and school too.

There's no such thing as a perfect school, but we can try to create a model that best works for the interests of students and all the parties involved. Instead of using the same approaches for school schedule, there is a need to employ new schedules that delegates responsibilities and freedoms as students go up the education levels. Invest intensively on technology such as online learning to catch up with the changing world trends on education. Advocate for freedom and more responsibilities to let students create new knowledge instead of always focusing on learning the same things with obvious outcomes, thus promoting intellectual curiosity. Since the main challenge for such a system is establishing and maintaining control, a team can be put in place to act as overseers.

Also, for the struggling students, and assured place of accommodation and meals can boast both their mental and school well-being. Also, advocating for support to teachers enables them to form close relationships with their students, thus allowing them to understand their students better and help them develop a more profound sense of learning.

Education is an evolving field that requires schools to be on their toes to catch up with this change. The current education system might have carried out its duty back in the old days, but now, there's a need to have it reviewed to be according to the current trends.

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