1960s Unrest Repeats Itself: Protests, Wars, Turmoil Today - Essay Example

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Date:  2023-10-15


Most 1960’s unrest compares to our world today since history repeats itself, and so does the element of culture. The 1960s were dominated by protests, wars, and turmoil, including and not limited to civil rights leaders' assassination, Cuban missile crisis, JKF's s assassination, and the Tet Offense (Watch Mojo). Such events are almost similar in today's decade owing to the unrest from the protests against police violence, racial injustices leading to riots. An instance is the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer from Minneapolis that sparked protests with the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter, " a similar situation that was witnessed in the 1960s after the assassination of civil rights leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jnr (Carnegie Hall). Additionally, there is a vast multiracial presence in today's streets in the quest for racial justice, an exemplification of the 1960s civil rights uprisings that were also multiracial.

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Events of Today's Time

However, there also exist differences in the 1960’s events today's time. The 1960s had more political violence than today as the US population has aged and political violence primarily correlated with a vast youth population. In 1960, the women's birth control method was approved by the FDA in 1972 for single women. Meaning that most women had kids in their early thirties, were less educated and less employed than today, where most women are academically and financially empowered and in various employment sectors (DePaulo).

People of Today

People are currently more invested in their political identities, unlike in the 1960s where people were not as worked on Dems and Reps instead of consolidating their efforts on other things. We have, however, leaned from our 1960s mistakes as women are now empowered. The blacks have now rejected the submissions roles by the dark, contrary to before the Civil Rights Acts passage in 1964 (Watch Mojo). That means that today's situation has improved compared to the 1960s as there is decreased warfare compared to the 1960s that encompassed the Vietnam wars, civil unrest, constant riots in the streets, Cuban missiles, and assassinations.


I would therefore definitely prefer to live in today’s error sine, albeit the divides between the democrats and the republicans, it has lees deep political divides as compared to the 1960s. Also, today’s error has more respect for rights and equality, all thanks to the civil rights activists' passage. Finally, today's era has limited unrest and fears compared to the 1960s that saw a cold blood assassination of President John Kennedy, widespread police shootings and brutality, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War.

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