How to Start Off a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Start Off a Compare and Contrast Essay

Published by on 2021-06-10 12:52:07

Students are faced with assignments every day. Some papers are quite simple because the main goal is to express a subjective opinion or describe any processes. But what if you need to do something more? Are you ready to compare specific objects or processes? Can you describe contrasts and appeal to certain aspects while creating papers? Many newbies ask the same questions like, "How to start off a compare and contrast essay?" If you have no prior experience, then such a task will seem quite difficult. But there is no need to despair. Let's get into the details.

What Is a Comparison Contrast Essay?

Newbies can get confused and not know where to start. But don't be afraid. This type of assignment is quite exciting because you have to take two or more subjects to describe their qualities. It’s simple. Such a paper aims to ensure that the student can show the main aspects of certain subjects and analyze the results obtained.

How to Begin a Comparative Essay

The most exciting thing is that you must focus on critical thinking and explain your point of view. But there are a few crucial points that you shouldn't forget:

  • choose your topic very carefully;
  • do not deviate from key requirements;
  • match subjects only in the context of your research;
  • pay attention only to the most important factors.

Critical thinking is crucial for students. This is why professors often assign such papers. You should not be afraid that you may not be able to cope with something. But let's not stay ashore too long.

What Should a Compare and Contrast Essay Identify?

Why do you need to do such a task? What is the main goal? Typically, you will focus on the crucial parameters or ideas. Let's say you need to take Windows and Mac laptops as a basis. These devices have a lot in common, the same tasks and a similar set of functions. But what if we dig deeper? How long can a rabbit hole be? If you concentrate on the differences and other options, it concerns the peculiarities of operating systems, the format of distribution and advertising, and the components. Based on this, you will have to form key aspects.

How to Write a Good Compare and Contrast Essay?

The funniest thing is that newbies don't know where to start. Nevertheless, such a task is quite simple. Here are some easy steps to help you get through your essay. All you need to do is follow the list.

Brainstorming Is a Must

Examine the two subjects and select all the distinguishing qualities. You need to focus on the characteristics and those factors that trigger contrasting emotions. For your assignment to be well written, you need to take care of the topic selection. The fact is that some professors allow students to determine their subjects independently. This means that you need to spend a little time on really interesting things.

Create a Strong Thesis

The next stage after checking two or more subjects is the creation of a thesis. This is a good springboard for you to analyze and contrast within your topic. Don't be in a hurry. Consider all your options and make a small list. This strategy will help you watch out for important aspects.

Make an Outline

How to begin a comparative essay? You need to create a nice outline. Typically, these essays have a basic structure. This means that you will have no problem creating a "carcass" for a future paper quickly. Here are the main points to keep in mind:

  1. Intro.
  2. Body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion.

In addition, you can write several sentences for each part to make it easier for you to cope with the task. Then all your thoughts will be systematized, and you will not waste time looking for important data.

What Is a Comparison Contrast Essay

How to Introduce a Compare and Contrast Essay?

You need to take an example from the authors who gradually introduce the novel's characters, revealing their key features. Explain the key points of your assignment and your goals. In part, it will be easier for you to express the ideas of your task using a strong thesis. Take at least 20 minutes to articulate this key aspect.

Make Your Body Paragraphs

So, the first stage has been successfully completed. Now you know how to begin a compare and contrast essay. You don't need to worry anymore. It’s simple. All you need is the correct sequence of thoughts. Typically, you need to stick to the block method. Get ready to present all subjects in turn. List all the important characteristics and key factors that are crucial to you. Use arguments to clarify your position and the relevance of your task.

Strong Conclusion

And here is the logical conclusion. This is exactly what plays the most important role. Describe what you learned. Be succinct, and don't try to retell everything. Your final proposals should be an indirect confirmation of your rightness. But there is no need to rewrite all the previous paragraphs. Be concise.

Useful Tips to Write Such an Essay Like a Pro

How to Pick a Topic?

Take a look at what interests you if your professor does not insist on choosing a specific topic. You may be interested in direct comparisons of certain subjects, studies, historical figures, or certain scientific methods. Do not hurry. Think about what might be of interest to you.

Which Method Is Better to Choose?

There is a classic block method that is typical for most types of essays. Just describe your items and make comparisons one by one. All info seems to be divided into blocks. This is quite convenient. The “point method” works a little differently. This option is more acceptable if you need to compare many parameters and differences. Divide your paper into several points, which you will tell about one by one. This will help you differentiate between certain features and options by a group.

Use Signaling Transitions

Don't forget about transition words, as they are the strongest glue for your text. The fact is that it is difficult for beginners to describe the many similarities and differences. Because of this, each paragraph can seem like a disjointed collection of facts. Here are some useful words to help you make a smooth transition from one aspect to another:

  • on the contrary;
  • in common with;
  • otherwise;
  • on the other hand.

Don't forget to edit and proofread your paper . You will most likely need at least 30-60 minutes to add all transition words or rewrite weak sentences. Then your task will look much better. Follow all the steps, and you won't have any problems.