Intriguing Synthesis Essay Topics. Take Your Pick!

Intriguing Synthesis Essay Topics. Take Your Pick!

Published by on 2018-03-02 12:02:54

Everyone knows that beginning is the hardest part of any job. And choosing the topic is the first step to getting an A on your synthesis essay. If you are having trouble with this task, use our simple guide to select the best topic for your assignment.

How to Choose Good Topics for a Synthesis Essay?

Before going over the list of synthesis essay topics, consider your assignment carefully. Reread the prompt provided by the instructor and make sure you understand the requirements. Several aspects will influence your choice:

  • The subject. Writing about Romeo and Juliet for a Science class might be original, but it won’t win you extra points with the teacher. Make sure your paper is related to the topics you have studied in class.
  • The word count. You won’t be able to cover all aspects of the problem in a five-paragraph global warming synthesis essay. However, you can try to squeeze the challenges marine ecosystems face due to the bleaching of coral reefs. Always keep your assignment volume in mind when choosing the focus of your writing.
  • The availability of credible sources. When all answers are one Google search away, you can conduct a quick scan of references on any topic in under two minutes. Skim the books, articles and other resources available online or in your school’s library catalog. If you want your essay to stand out, choose the topic that is surrounded by contradictions and conflict.

Which Synthesis Essay Topics Are the Best?

Now that you know how your assignment prompt can influence your choice, it’s time to get to the specific characteristics of good topics for a synthesis essay. In short, your paper’s focus should be:


Besides keeping in line with your course syllabus, the center of your study should be exciting for you and your readers. Therefore, your topic should be trendy, something everyone is discussing right now. To get inspiration, try reading or watching the news. The issues that invoke the strongest emotions in you, either positive or negative, are bound to make a good starting point for a synthesis essay.

  • Can bitcoin substitute the US dollar?
  • Is 3D printing of human organs ethical?
  • What are the possible consequences of a nuclear war with North Korea?


Students have written dozens of essays about abortion, gun control, and social media. Your professor won’t appreciate having to grade the hundredth paper on the same explanatory synthesis essay topics. Even if you are dead set on a global warming synthesis essay, try thinking outside the box and finding new angles to research the same problem. Brainstorm ideas, and you will get intriguing insights that might serve as an excellent focus for your synthesis essay:

  • Do electric cars cause more pollution than traditional vehicles?
  • Is the extinction of species a form of natural selection?
  • When will the change of climate reach the critical point?


Don’t choose the topics too broad to cover within the assigned word count. Think of your obesity synthesis essay as a stand-alone movie, not the first part of a trilogy. You need to address all main aspects of the problem in a single piece of writing. If you leave out key arguments, the professor will ruthlessly take points off your grade to teach you to choose the topic better. The shorter the essay, the more specific your paper's subject should be. Here are a few examples for obesity synthesis essay topics, from the longest to the shortest:

  • Is obesity a psychological issue, rather than a physiological one?
  • Can psychologists successfully treat obesity?
  • Should hypnosis be used to treat obesity?

Synthesis Essay Topics to Choose From

If you still can't decide, use our exclusive list of self-explanatory synthesis essay topics. You can choose one of them and alter it to suit your assignment parameters. And don’t forget to show it to your instructor before you start writing to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

  • Patriotism is destroyed by racial profiling among law enforcement officers.
  • War and conflict is an integral world of our civilization.
  • Community service is the only way to grow social responsibility.
  • Abortion is the woman’s personal decision and should not be addressed as a social issue.
  • The ineffectiveness of the death penalty to lower violent crime rates.
  • Technology’s influence on human intelligence and physical capabilities.
  • Money wasted on space exploration should be spent on eradicating famine.
  • The masks every person wears in different social settings.
  • Human rights undermine order in a democratic society.
  • Gun control should be eliminated to solve mass shootings problem.
  • Education should be voluntary and free for everybody.
  • Patent wars increase prices and slow the technological progress.
  • The Internet is the most significant invention in the history of humankind.
  • Social media should be banned for children under the age of sixteen.
  • Typing instead of writing inhibits child development.
  • All students should study psychology to improve social skills.
  • Virtual reality will destroy the travel industry.
  • Smartphone addiction is worse than alcoholism.
  • Speed texting should be an official sport.
  • Governments should not waste money on sending teams to the Olympics.

Now you know how to tell good topics for a synthesis essay from bad ones. We hope you have found a couple of exciting ideas for your assignment here. You also can check out our useful checklist on how to write a synthesis essay to help you get the highest grade. But if you are still stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional writers. They will take care of your synthesis essay in no time.