15 Best Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

15 Best Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

Published by on 2021-04-13 13:09:46

So you are in your final year of business school. You are almost there! You just need to finish your last classes. But there is something constantly hanging over your head like a dark cloud. It is your final paper. You have so many questions and worries about it. It is not just about how to do it, but what you should write about as well. By now, you have covered so many management paper topics. It is impossible to come with something fresh, interesting, and worthy. Well, if this is what's on your mind right now, we can give you a hand. 

Deciding on a theme for writing a management dissertation is nothing but a challenge. You have to make a lot of choices along the way. However, you can follow this guide to ease your search. Remember, you shouldn’t start with creating topics right away. You have to choose a category, and area of your future dissertation first. 

Choose a Category First

Before you move on to choosing what to write about, you should define which area of management is the most interesting to you. As you know, this discipline covers a lot of various sectors, from the government to business. Each of these sectors can inspire you to come up with great ideas for your final paper. However, be sure to look into each management category before you start thinking of that topic. 

For instance, you can go with organizational leadership dissertation topics, where you analyze various models and leading styles. You can focus on a business environment where you can compare different corporate cultures or current challenges. Explore organizational behavior and see the challenges it faces in the modern world. Look into entrepreneurship and find something worth researching there. Explore the variety of sectors and the potential they carry before you shift to the next step. 

You should make your choice based not only on your interest in that area but on your knowledge as well. Also, make sure that you can research enough materials and studies for your future work. It would be a shame starting the whole process all over just because you can’t find enough sources. 

How to Select the Best Topic in Management

Once you have completed all the necessary work, you are free to make your final decision about the theme of your work. Of course, it may not be easy.

Be sure to bring something new to the discussion. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, experiment with your statements, and argue the popular methods as long as you research enough evidence to back your arguments. Remember, if you pick a topic where you are initially well-read and informed, you will have a better time presenting it to others. 

Below you can find a few examples of management papers we thought may help you in your pursuit. You can pick one to your liking and elaborate on it based on your further preferences. 

The Examples of Dissertation Topics in Management

  1. The impact of globalization on international business.
  2. How national culture can impact the organizational culture in global corporations.
  3. The role of technological progress in business negotiations.
  4. Competitiveness at work: the destructive habit of the past or the needed motivational tool?
  5. A case study of (a firm’s name): how knowledge management affects employee’s performance.
  6. Personal values vs. professional values. How to set goals for the employees. 
  7. The stereotypes about gender roles in leadership positions in the 21st century.
  8. A case study of (a company’s name): how the business applies knowledge management. 
  9. Is technological progress the key to the more stable business environment of the future? 
  10. The role of the environmental movement in the future of the global business environment.
  11. A case study of (a company’s name): how the business approaches the fight against climate change.
  12. How geographical proximity between investors and hosts can increase trust and certainty in their relationships.
  13. A case study of (a company’s name): how opportunistic decisions became a successful strategy. 
  14. A case study of (any global fast-food chain): the regional adaptation of strategic management. 
  15. International connectivity in banking systems: challenges, goals, and strategies.