Zara Clothing Co.: Mgrs Essential for Successful Business - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-13


Zara Clothing company is a Spanish clothing retailer. The company is well established in fast fashion products such as beauty, accessories, clothing, shoes. It is known to be the largest apparel retailer company managing up to more than 20 collections of clothing in a year. Perhaps, for such business to thrive it needs an effective management system. The essays seek to describe the main function of the manager within Zara Clothing Company and discuss why managers function is critical for the success of the Company.

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Managers organize and oversee the company's stores assigned and work with others efficiently to ensure they achieve the same goal which is to ensure active clothing marketing. Zara Clothing manager is expected to make effective use of their function that comprises of; planning, initiating, executing, and monitoring.

Certainly, excellent managers are good collaborators and guarantee a well-done work. Their power of influence is important for business in the ever dynamic and stiff competitive market. The manager's function is to incorporate business law, which protects the interest of Investors, shareholders, and company. The manager assures that the operation of the business is in total compliance with the governing rules and regulations. The manager plays a key function in resolving any arising conflict within the organization and ensures that data, as well as information, is handling an inappropriate manner (Schermerhorn, Davidson, Woods, Factor, Junaid, & McBarron,2019).

The manager engages and participates in human resource management of the company because apart from the normal work of hiring and training of employees, there is a need to clearly define the functions and responsibilities of employees. managers assume leadership in their managerial functions. A good manager should be a good leader. Likely, it nearly impossible to separate leadership and managerial. Therefore, leadership skill is essential to the manager for subordinate's behavioral performance to help the company reach its goals.

Moreover, managers' function in business matters is to handle the condition of the market at hand and ensure they maximize the profit in the business (Schermerhorn, et al. 2019). They are fully involved in the analysis of market demands and forecast, analysis comprising of production and cost of clothing in this case. The manager needs to be conversant with the constantly changing world economics since is the determining factor when entering new international markets.

Managers' function in monitoring involves the use of available company and field statistics research. The manager is ought to use the data and analysis of statistics to give appropriate direction for the company. By monitoring, interpreting and analyzing data, the manager can be in a better position to make a decision on the action the business need to practice and changes required in the future for business to run effectively (Lawrence, 2018). Operation management skills are essential for managers purposely for the overall success of services or product production. The manager's function is to strategize on increasing the company's growth, stability, and profit. They have to manage the process of availing products and services to the ready market without making errors. As such it crucial also to forecast profits and sales of the company within its operational capacity while locating a suitable place to facilitate the business.

Perhaps, it is vital for a company manager to effectively and efficiently perform deemed function. Good manager discovers ways of mastering four basic functions; planning, initiating, executing, and monitoring. Conclusively, the manager has the responsibility to ensure their product interests end consumers and keep them happy so that they become loyal customers.


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