Xuzhou Hometown Brochure

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Xuzhou is also called Pengcheng, is a city located in the middle east of China. It has a profound cultural background. During the reign of the Han Dynasty between (260BC-220), Xuzhou was in its utmost glory when it became the second cultural and political center of the country at the time. Today, Xuzhou is the city where people can see many Han culture sites dating from back during the Han Dynasty. The most common cultural site and attraction in Xuzhou are the Han Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum where tourists can view the warriors and the horses of Han Dynasty. In Terra-cotta museum, there are also many traditional dishes developed under the influence of Chinese history and culture during the Han Dynasty. Despite Xuzhou being one of the ancient cities in China, the tourists still can enjoy a modern nightlife after a long day in experiencing Han Dynasty cultural artifacts. At night, people can experience different laid-back cultures at the Gupeng Square. The Xuzhou Garden Hotel and the Xuzhou Huanghe Hotel offers a perfect night view of Xuzhou city to the tourists which are aesthetic to many visitors.

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Learn History at Han Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum

Museum of Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Han Dynasty is located on the west side of the Lion Hill of Xuzhou. The museum presents the tourists with an ideal place to learn and understand the Chinese ancient military affairs during the Han Dynasty. The museum exhibition hall is divided into three parts which include; Han Terracotta Army, Military Development of Ancient Xuzhou, and the Chinese Ancient Weapons exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall of Han Terra-cotta Army tourists can experience the Terracotta Army where they can learn their historical significance, the contribution of the army in the Qin and Han Dynasty, the warfare technology and its artistic value. The Terra-cotta exhibition hall focuses on showing the military history, military system history and the war history of the Qin and Han Dynasties. The exhibition hall of Military Development of Ancient Xuzhou uses advanced sound, lighting, and other modern display technology to display the emergence, development and unique historical appearance of the ancient military wars in Xuzhou. Lastly, the Chinese Ancient Weapons shows different types of weapons that were developed in ancient China and their significance in kingdom conquests and military history.

Eat Various Delicious Dishes

The beauty of Xuzhou is not only in the ancient artifacts and war history sites but also the tourists can enjoy the unique Chinese cuisine. The reason behind Xuzhou synonym Pengcheng is because 4000 years ago, the father of Chinese cuisine Pengzu lived in the city. Yang Fang Cang Yu is a traditional dish that was created by Pengzu, the historical dish involves a special preparation where the belly of a sheep is opened, and then fish is put in it together with various traditional seasonings to make a traditional stew. In addition to Yang Fang Cang Yu, there are a variety of cuisines such as Wok braised chicken, Strung pork belly and Diced meat with vegetables which tourists can readily find in Xuzhou to add on to its unique cultural experience. These traditional dishes are not only tasty but also nourishing, and many tourists who visit Pengcheng likes them.

Enjoying the Nightlife at Gupeng Square

At night, if people feel tired and want to relax, Gupeng Square is a good place to go, where people can take a comfortable bath, enjoy a massage or have a taste of traditional Chinese food and also the tourists can enjoy the local operas and dances as well as shows of traditional drama performances.

Hometown Website

Welcome to Xuzhou, China, a city with 2,600 years of history a good place to learn about the history of the Chinese people. Xuzhou has a major historical museum such as Han Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum where you can learn about the different Chinese dynasties and their contribution to the Chinese history. Xuzhou also has a lot of local cuisines such as the Wok braised chicken, the Strung pork belly, and the Diced meat with vegetables where each dish has its characteristics and historical significance. In Xuzhou, tourists can also enjoy steam baths and a massage or watch folk performances at the Gupeng Square at night. In August, tourists can experience the Pengcheng Beer Festival which is held annually.

Press Release

Xuzhou: Charming Han Culture Area

In March 28th, 2018 the 3rd Flower Festival in Xuzhou Han Culture Area will be opened with the aim of enhancing the national pride and showcasing the rich traditional Chinese culture. Xuzhou was the hometown of Liu Bang, an emperor of the Han Dynasty which gives the city significant historical importance. Four hundred years of prosperity during the Han Dynasty created a splendid Chinese civilization, and also created the supremacy of the Xuzhou Han culture.

The Xuzhou Han Culture Area is a collection of Han tombs, Han terracotta warriors, and Han paintings. The Han Cultural Area in Xuzhou shows the majestic Han Terracotta Warriors and the only underwater terracotta warriors in China. The artisans of the Han Dynasty sculpted more than 4,000 soldiers, and they are clearly painted to the amazement of many visitors. The natural beauty around the Han Culture Area mixes with the cultural characteristics of both Northern and Southern China. Green hills and water are connecting the whole area and forming a unique scenery. The rich culture and delightful natural scenery make Xuzhou Han Culture Area a wonderful and attractive tourism destination.


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