Why You Hate Work Is the Best Article

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Date:  2021-03-03

There is a lot concerning what makes people content with how they handle their private lives, occupations and jobs, but much less about what makes them content with the areas that they stay. Selecting the place where people stay is the distinct most dynamic determination that one can make in private life. Therefore, this is because the places where people live arrangement the entire decisions. Happiness concerns peoples lives completely: it comprises the changing feelings that individuals experience in their daily lives as well as the entire satisfaction concerning life.

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It is also influenced by human growth along with peripheral circumstances like health and occupation. It is apparent that if an individual feels inclined or does not feel protected in their locality then there is no chance of being happy. From the two articles that include Small Farming Can't Make a Living and Why You Hate Work, it by chance that these two articles do present on the day to day aspects that make individuals get contented in life in terms of occupation or jobs. From the two of them, the article of Why You Hate Work is the better article amongst them simply because they do present the current situations that most of employees do undergo in the working place. The working place nowadays categorized as not exciting to work in, no appreciation that is done by the employers, it does not offer the best environment for one to accomplish the duties allocated to him or her, a lot of distractions do exists there and finally, a lot of people have no believe in what they usually undertake in the office. All these chores make one so tired hence leading him or her to hate all about work (Tony & Christine, 2014).

Contentment of either occupation or the kind of job someone engages in emanates from the brain. This article of Why You Hate Work thus outlines why an individual outlines the importance of being at ease and relaxed when one is at work place. It also outlines what leads an individual to hate work thus becoming the best article amongst the two. It starts outlining the causes that make one hate going to work. Thus these causes include; burnout, disengagement, demand that do arise from work related productivity and influences cometh from people's engagement.

Burnout in the work place is not something new of late. It has been made worse by the introduction of the highly sophisticated technology that somehow makes people even work when they go to their homes. From a research done by an assistant professor in the medical school of Harvard, the random survey he conducted showed that among the senior leaders of 72 companies conducted; almost all of them had signs that are associated with burnout that is deemed to be associated with burnout in the work place.

The article, Why You Hate Work also brings on board after burnout the issue of the exceeding demand of productivity that usually leads one to drain the energies preserved thus exploiting the creativity, skill and talent fully until he or she has nothing to offer any more in the work place. The pressures that also accrued from the demands most of the employers that put on the employees makes one to have a real taste of what is happening in the working place thus makes this article better than that of Small Farming Cant Make a Living. The article goes on to show that the increased competitiveness, the post recession force of work and being a learner in the work do compound one with a lot of pressures that makes working place not a better place to work in hence most people do hate it (Tony & Christine, 2014).

The article also articulates the issue of curiosity that makes most of employees gets influenced by the engagement they have to their work and also the curiosity that originates from the productivity that is required from work. Satisfaction and productivity is accrued from four core needs that are fulfilled. This article shows the four core needs that are supposed to achievable and include; feeling that should be appreciated and valued for their die hard contributions to the company, physical opportunities that is renewable and can be recharged during work, their mental capacity has to be pre-found thus being able to be observed, defined when they are undertaking their opportunities at work. Finally, through their spiritual nourishment that entails working more and doing their best to enjoy and feel connected to the work they do at the highest levels.

Finally, Why You Hate Work concludes all as being the best when it tries to outline the simplest way most of the companies can build on the above challenges exposed on them and build on them so as to make their employees feel valued, energized, inspired, be more focused and feel well taken care of. The article proposes of rewards to employ, an exhibition of empathy, humility, care and to be accountable for any demeaning emotions that they might show their employees thus affecting their morale (Tony & Christine, 2014).

In conclusion, Why You Hate Work is the better article than Small Farming Can't Make a Living through its outlining of step by step of what leads to employees to hating work, giving examples of research done on some companies to show why most of workers dislike going to work and lastly disseminating this information to all the top management and lastly giving them a way forward on how to energize, inspire and get the employees get focused while on work.


What nobody told me about small farming: I can't make a living by Tony Schwartz and Christine Porathmay 30, 2014

Why You Hate Work, By Tony Schwartz and Christine, 30, 2014

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