Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

Date:  2021-03-13 15:54:43
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Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the U.S. even though it is illegal. The debate has been on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. The proponents of the drug to be legalized argue that its usage is important in the medical conditions or in general society, without really attaching the proof of their reasoning. Currently, there are some 15.2 million Americans who smoke cannabis and the side effects speak for themselves out there (Hawkins, 2014). Comparatively, the marijuana usage is nearing the status of both alcohol and cigarette, which are legal drugs and are taxed. However, marijuana use is deeply penetrating the society, and the smokers are fantasized in the movies and other media outlets. Both the federal and state governments have had to use huge resources for the upkeep of marijuana inmates who have flocked the prisons in the U.S. in this essay; I strongly argue that marijuana should not be legalized in the United States.

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Marijuana smoking has gained popularity because it makes the users high and capable of achieving maximum happiness in the process. This is the cause of addiction, as majority of the users find it hard to give up the trend of smoking, to achieve the highest status possible. In the long run, the effect is chronic addiction where the users cannot do without the drug itself. Dr. Drew Prinsky, an addiction specialist, asserts that cannabis addiction is stronger than cocaine and alcohol, and it is hard to dive up the culture (Hawkins, 2014). The country will spend more time and resources to legalize this menace, which will interfere with generations to come. The society will be plunged into addiction, where everyone in the neighborhood, including children, is high. Legalizing marijuana use will hamper the societal constructs of the American people, and expose the children and other vulnerable members of the society into state of despair. Furthermore, the number of marijuana users will rise, making the correctional facilities to be stretched, due to many cases of insane and high people involved. The education system will also suffer the blow of addicted students.

One of the globally renowned destinations where marihuana is legal is Netherlands. Here, the police do not have the rights to arrest anyone in possession of reasonable quantity of marijuana. The government legalized it to, among other reasons; reduce the crime rates that had soared in the country. However, the system is failing in Amsterdam, where the effects of marijuana consumption have taken a toll on school going teenagers (Hawkins, 2014). Following the complaints by school heads, that students often go to class when high, the citys mayor has banned its usage in schools. This is a clear indication of a failing country. Amsterdam has realized how chronic it can be to legalize the cannabis smoking in the society. I believe none of the American parents and teachers would want the teenagers to plunge into drugs at an early age. This will interfere with mentality and affect the future of the key departments such as education, technology, family, and leadership. The government must not succumb to the pressure of legalizing marijuana, in order to preserve the future pride of Americans. We are likely to lose more productive youths to marijuana if it is made legal.

According to American Medical Association, cannabis use amongst adolescents can cause serious impairments to the brain and other organ system. It further links the cannabis usage to reduced performance of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the users, which can lead to low mental development, increased anxiety, and psychotic thought disorders (Hawkins, 2014). Most of the addicts have abnormal brain structure, related to such conditions as Schizophrenia. According to a Northwest University study, cannabis use leads the addicts to adverse and chronic side effects, which have long term mental complications, compared to other drugs such as cigarette and alcohol. The government Society, parents and other interest groups must stand up and protect the mental health of our children from exploitation. The costs of treating the metal disorders are very dear, costing the government lots of resources. The situation is likely to worsen when marijuana usage is legalized. The proponents of this idea fail to attach the cost of maintaining the side effects of marijuana, compared to the income of the parents of the addicts. Some also argue that the government will get lots of revenue that goes to the dark economy when the drug is legalized, but the government has never met even the tax targets of cigarette and alcohol which are both legal drugs in the United States.

Physically, the adverse effects of cannabis smoking are in the public domain. Majority of the side effects are adverse to the pregnant women whose unborn children are prone to such conditions as leukemia and birth defects. Men are also prone to sterility, mental abnormalities, and lung infection. All these conditions contribute to reduced lifespan of the generations, and lead to unproductive and sick society (Hawkins, 2014). American government cannot afford to have such a society at this time when the economy needs very vibrant and innovative workforce to steer the economy. Moreover, the amounts of money that will be used to treat the conditions listed above are huge expenses on the government and individuals themselves. We need a productive, vibrant, innovative, and a healthy population to be able to effectively compete and develop the economy. If marijuana use is legalized, then America should prepare for acute industrial gap, which would result into expensive outsourcing of healthy minds from overseas markets such as Europe and Asia.

The results of cannabis usage include memory lapse, job turnover, school dropout, broken families, accidents on the highways, and general loss of lives through chronic diseases or accidents and suicides. People lose their cognitive and mental abilities and may end up doing serious social immoralities like crime and drug trafficking (Hawkins, 2014). Organized gangs and indiscriminate gun shooting will abound when the drug is legalized. For the sake of security, prosperity, development, and childrens wellbeing, the government should not even consider bringing up the debate about legalizing marijuana.

Decision of Legalization

The decision of legalization of marijuana should be left to the federal government, in order to avoid jurisdiction ambiguity and selective application of rules. It would be confusing and absurd for the states to decide on the legalization of marijuana, because it creates the sense of inequality, and will add more pressure on the federal government to finally accept it. States do not have the capacity to decide on the legalization of marijuana usage, because it is a national issue, and not just a states affair. Through the federal government, the decision will be binding and encompassing of all the stakeholders in America.

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