Why Do You Do What You Do: Walmart Company Analysis

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Walmart is a corporation which was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton.The company is currently the largest retailer shop in the world where has employed over two million workers and has a high revenue generation (Heyden, Lee, McMahon, & Pererira, 2002). Walmart continues to lead in corporate philanthropy, sustainability and in terms of employment opportunity. Walmart maintains customer satisfaction through ensuring that the services are fast,easy and enjoyable.It has set some vision and mission that ensures that it maintains a successful plan that leads ensures the company achieves competitive advantage.The company has set some future goal that aims at ensuring that it competes with technology and win with people through ensuring that it is people led and technology empowered. Walmart organizational culture starts with a can-do attitude that welcomes the customers. The leaders in Walmart company stresses an attitude of getting the job done. (Soderquist, 2005) . Walmart leadership integrates values of Sam Walton the founder of the organization .Through aiming at integrating organizational culture to improve employees morale in achieving positive implications. The decisions in the company manifest to the company's mission. Thus the company's success is contributed by competitive advantage generic strategy, vision and mission statement ,and the intensive growth strategies

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Walmart Organization chart


Oversees the overall performance of the company and ensures the execution of the company's long and short terms plans. The main role of the CEO in Walmart includes enhancing customer priority through enhancing customer service priority which is achieved through employee development and training. The CEO helps the entire team in the organization to realize efficiency and effectiveness gain insight of values, mission, and vision of this company.

Chairman Of Board of Director

The board of directors includes CID, CTO, CFO, and COO. The chairman is responsible for the company's daily operation and routine reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. Acts as the second in command at the company. The chairman with respect to CEO and other associates such as directors are in charge of the annual review and approving of corporate objectives and goals which are relevant to their compensations, evaluating their overall performance. The key role of this chairman is to direct the organization's affairs in meeting legitimate interest of the stakeholders through the establishment of vision, values, and mission exercises.

Project Manager

His or her role involves developing project plans and project management best practices. He is in charge of building roadmaps and leading the development of e-commerce programs and projects that are said to be complex. He is in charge of supporting geographic offshore development , distributed teams, and third-party vendors. Demonstrates an up to date project and program expertise management and applies this to execution, development, and improvement of necessary action plans. He provides support to business implementation solution and finally models compliance that is in line with company procedures and policies and supports values ,ethic standard ,integrity vision and mission of the company.

Project Coordinator

Works closely with project manager to eliminate any blockers where he or she prepares comprehensive action plans that include timeframes, resources, and budgets for projects. He performs tasks such as coordinating, risk management and scheduling through maintaining projects handling of any financial queries and project documentation in the company. The project ordinator has a role to play in realizing the project mandate that encompasses strategy creation process for project management that helps reshape Walmart organization culture that is more focused on management project that is consistent. a clear vision of the strategies seeks to identify how to reach for the vision in the long or short term.This manager is responsible for ensuring that he supports project management that ensures great consistency and accountability.Business Analysis Manager

This manager is in charge of developing insights and business analytics that influences Walmart decisions. He or she demonstrates an up to date expertise and applying the expertise to execution and action plans improvement. This manager has a role to play n providing opportunity business analytics and identification to small projects and departments that impact category margin. Lastly, he is in charge of the entire financial forecasting. The business analysis manager utilize and learn to add value to the stakeholders in the company and create a shared vision at all level of this organization

Engineering Manager

Leads customer experience through the business tool team which has the responsibility of building a site management tool that is useful in optimizing campaign management for native apps and Walmart site.com. The engineering manager has a key role in motivating the hardware networking team, software development team and testing team towards ensuring that the UI and services are scalable, performant and stable. The other role of this manager is to motivate the team in hitting their target and future goals in ensuring engineering practices around development, software design, algorithm , debugging production and troubleshooting best practices are adopted.Implementation Manager

This manager leads to a successful implementation, budget requirement and meeting deadlines. He prioritizes and coordinates project tasks maintains project plans ,manages timeline and communicates status to the project sponsors, customers, and senior management. He works with company staff and vendor staff in ensuring that the project is being implemented within the contractual regulatory requirement and obligations. Implementation managers can set strategic objectives through implementation of a clear mission and vision of an organization.Training Manager

This manager is in charge of managing, developing,designing,coordinating and conducting all training programs at Walmart. He or she oversees professional development of the Walmart. He develops and designs in-house or outsources training programs. He also conducts organization's training needs assessment and identifies knowledge gaps and skills that are required to be addressed. He researches and recommends new training methods .Lastly, the markets available training opportunities and thus providing necessary information to the employees of to the public.


The associates of Walmart company are guided by core values of the company that includes ,teamwork, communication, accountability, excellence respect, trust, and integrity. Walmart generic strategy is said to be cost leadership where it focuses on maintaining low prices of services and goods.This company is known to maintain low prices throughout its operations. The intensive strategies include Market development which involves entry to the new market other than those that company has. The company's Product development which entails offering new products to the market. Lastly, the market penetration which involves the sale of more services and goods to the target market. Understanding how mission ,vision, and values interact with each other this organization, can benefit from a successful strategic and well-designed plan that will help in achieving a high competitive advantage. The success of this company is basically based on the effective application of the organizational strategies that seek to reach the company's mission and vision.


Heyden, P., Lee, S., McMahon, K., & Pererira, M. (2002). Walmart: Staying on Top of the Fortune 500. Washington University.

Soderquist, D. (2005). The Wal-Mart way. Nashville: T. Nelson.

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