Which Areas of Organizational Behavior Can Help You Understand what Greene Is Going Through?

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Date:  2021-03-29

Studies on organizational behaviors have categorized them in four main areas which include, individual and group behavior, organizational processes, and organizational structure. Most motivational factors in organizations include the use of money, job promotion, and other benefits to achieve job satisfaction for employees (Munroe, 2016). There are other unique areas of organizational behavior such as the case of Lemuel Greene illustrates. It is unique in the sense that Greene takes a salary cut so as to start training workers at the low levels of the company and stop training employees on the same thing which he believes they already know. The organizational behavior of Greene can be described as situational since though he is earning more than most of the workers and with a significant margin, Greene is not satisfied. The fact that he accepts a salary deduction so that he could train people with no knowledge motivated him and also gave him job satisfaction. Through the above, he can change the corporate culture as more workers are interested in the training due to the respect Greene shows to them by treating them well. It can also be argued that Greene is a team player since he gets more satisfaction from training others which illustrates the organizational behavior of shared values, attitudes, and standards.

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People are different in their personalities, attitudes, and behaviors. Given the above case, comment on how these factors affect employees' motivation and job satisfaction.

Personality factor encompasses behavioral patterns that result from feelings and thoughts of the employees. In the case of Greene, he feels that the workers he had been interacting with did not need more training since he kept repeating the same thing all the time at seminars and the memos given to them provided enough information. Personality is important factor in work environments since it determines attitudes and ethical behaviors and promotes interaction between workers. Greene can interact well with subordinates and the relationship that he has with them makes him more satisfied with his job. Goal orientation is also a personality trait which means that the higher the employees have set their goals, the better they will perform (Sayeed, 2013). For instance, the case of Green illustrates his personality perfectly when he starts to train workers who do not even know how to write. His goal is to improve their work performance which at the end of the year he was able to achieve. Though Greene was rewarded with a bonus due the improved performance of the workers he had been training, he was not concerned more with money but with job satisfaction. Greene's attitude and behavior towards the illiterate workers motivated them as is seen with them skipping some working hours so as to attend his training. It is important to note that, even after skipping a couple of hours per week to participate in the training, the employees still managed to complete their tasks on time and even recorded significant improvements. Attitude also builds confidence which improves performance just the workers displayed after attending the training.


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