Webcor Enhances Services with Technology and Vico Software's 5D Virtual Construction

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Date:  2023-01-14

There has been development in the innovation of construction materials and methods, and this made the top management at Webcor believe that using technology can result in enhancing the services offered. Webcor has been able to use technology in scheduling projects, managing projects, and estimating the costs with increased efficiency through the adaption of Vico Software's 5D Virtual Construction (Reynolds, 2016). The software is essential in project management as it enhances the prediction of cost schedule and the effect of changes that takes place in a building's construction and design (Reynolds, 2016). Also, the introduction of cloud technology in the company has played a significant role in facilitating electronic document management and low-cost collaboration among Webcor and the sub-contractors. For just a small fee the employees have the chance of using an iPad and in accessing 3D models and drawings, submitting inspections, reporting problems, and notifying the stakeholders of any changes or issues (Reynolds, 2016). Therefore, these developments have highly supported project management in the field of construction.

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List the main lessons IT managers can learn from Webcor Builders about the successful adoption of new technologies.

The first lesson is searching for and hiring technology cheerleaders who are very collaborative and embraced technology in their early years in producing high-quality work in a short time (Stair & Reynolds, 2017).

Aligning the new technologies to the set strategies of the organization by looking at how it will improve the performance of the organization.

When working with new technology, IT managers should know that it is easy like using Amazon by noting that even though the return on investment, scalability, and cost are essential, it is important to know the preferences of the end users (Stair & Reynolds, 2017).

Communicating for engagement and buy-in. It is evident how the company involved the stakeholders, including the old ones, in adopting new technologies by informing them of the importance of the new technologies.

Webcor bought an application called Plan Grid to markup construction blueprints on iPads. Plan Grid can be used when the workers are offline and later syncs up with files on the Box platform. Webcor frequently follows this approach of buying applications and then building application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect these programs to its main enterprise systems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this IT development process?

The advantages of the IT development process include being cost friendly. The technology is affordable to the users, and even the process of developing the software is affordable. The other advantage is that it is user-friendly since it makes it easy for users to access the full set of drawings in the construction field (Rodriguez, 2017). The process also enables one to interact with several revisions, tracking changes to immediate drawing, and the preparation of sharing RFI instantly from the field. The process limits trip in a job site since one can manage issues when connected or not. The cons of this IT development process include the issue of accepting PDF drawings only, being unable to modify the drawings using CAD tools, and it is not available in the Android platform (Rodriguez, 2017). The application can also be unreliable since it synchronizes up with the files that are located on the Box platform, and it may shut down any time.

What obstacles do companies face when developing customized IT systems themselves? Under what circumstances does it make sense?

There are several obstacles faced by companies in developing customized IT systems. The main obstacle is cost. Most IT systems are costly to develop. Thus, a company needs to have enough capital to develop customized IT systems effectively. Moreover, the implementation process is costly, and if a company does not have all the required resources, then it might fail at the end. In ensuring that a customized IT system is well developed, then a firm should have experts who can deliver excellent results. Even if a company has the required resources, but with unskilled employees, the development of an IT system might be unsuccessful. Therefore, it is important to have enough number of staffs with the experience and skills needed in delivering a service or product at an acceptable quality level and in the specified deadline. The last obstacle has an unclear vision since developing customized IT system is a time-consuming process that needs a clear vision and proper planning.


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