Wallace Bros: A Young Enterprise's Quest to Compete and Diversify in NYC - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-14


Wallace brothers is a young enterprise flexing its muscles in the field of nonalcoholic beverages, intending to compete and diversify across New York City. The increased demand for the coffee beverage in the United States is rising at an alarming rate, despite the massive competition (Real, & Percell, 2018). Therefore, to ensure that one remains at the top of the chain, drastic measures re worth observing to help increase traffic in the stores. Thus, the use of website design for the Wallace brothers will project their business to meet the demands of the business.

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The Business Model

Wallace brothers is an upcoming and newly set business in the industry, which has not fully adapted to the market. Therefore, advertising and globally positioning the company requires the use of the website to draw more traffic and popularity of the company. Wallace brothers, therefore, aims at adoption and integrating the use of websites to help manage numerous functions and economic growth of the company.

How the Business Will Benefit from the Web Site

The use of a website in a coffee store chain plays a vital role, ranging from products’ sales to services and promotions. However, the use of websites in the field of coffee beverages has numerous benefits to the company running and operating the website. For instance, Starbucks is one of the dominant coffee chain stores across the world. The popularity of this company was not grown by only its iconic coffee and other beverages but the availability of the company virtually to offer both services, information, and products. Therefore, the use of a website for the Wallace brothers will increase the rate of sales, and after-sales services, such as delivering customer orders, to ensure that consumers can enjoy Wallace products at the comfort of their home or work.

Secondly, the use of websites will play a vital role in informing consumers on different products the company is offering, and their ingredients. Therefore, the website can increase sales, trough offering virtual products to consumers who are not physically at the shop.

Lastly, the use of the website goes a long way when it comes to offering the consumers information regarding the nature and source of raw material used in the products. Currently, Starbucks has made it a priority to inform its consumers more about the coffee and how it is sourced from Africa and other parts of the world. Therefore, consumers will have a better understanding of what they order.

Ways Through Which the Company Way Use the Internet for Its Benefits

One of the major sectors that have defined the performance of any company is the number of competent workers employed in the company (Taecharungroj, 2017). Most of the companies take the initiative of advertising posts through their websites to ensure that a diverse pool of candidates with a vast collection of skills apply for the advertised post. Wallace brothers can utilize this opportunity to set up the internet infrastructure, which will allow them to take advantage of this opportunity to outsource, the most suitable candidates for their stores.

Secondly, the competition of coffee requires obtaining the right ingredient to make a perfect blend that will increase loyalty to the consumers. Therefore, to ensure that this concept works, it is necessary to make advertisements to the contractors by offering an open tender for the most suitable and affordable company that will supply the raw material to make the blends. Wallace brothers can utilize this concept to cut the cost of operations within the business.

Website Design

The website will consist of three major sections, which include the admin panel, to receive and process orders from the consumers. More so, the administration section will be able to enter into legal terms between the Wallace Brothers store and other suppliers or contractors. Secondly, the web site will contain a supplier’s section, where different potential suppliers can register, before being awarded a tender in the company. Lastly, the website will comprise a consumers’ home section, which will offer consumers an opportunity to order, and see the information, services, and products, stocked in the company (Zhao, & Zhao, 2019).

Technical Specifications

The implementation of a website within the Wallace brothers store will require a set of computers within the organization, to collect orders and process them for the consumers who make their online order. The use of conventional desktops, which may be affordable and reliable, will be used in the implementation of the project (Iskandar, & Sholihat, 2018).

On the contrary, the hosting of the website will be done by a third party, since it is cheaper to run than the company buying its server to perform the business. Additionally, the size of the company may not fully meet the cost of running a server. Therefore, relying on a third party might be a suitable solution to ensure that the website is up and running.


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