Violence Against Women and Girls - Sociology Essay Example

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Violence against women and girls (VAWG) poses serious crimes and is a global pandemic which seems to affect one in three women in their lifetime. The force causes a huge impact on the economy, social scene, and criminal justice and health services. One of the government's biggest priorities is to ensure protection violence against women and support victims. Murders of women internationally by intimate partners covers about thirty-eight percent. In the world about, a billion women undergo intimate partner violence or non-intimate partner sexual violation in their lifetime. A large 125 million ladies have gone through female genital mutilation. According to Arango, eighty percent of preventive measures come from high-income countries. Violence on women could fall under any of these forms, dating violence, domestic and intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking, same-sex relationship violence, sexual assault and ill-treatment, stalking, violence against immigrant and refugee women, violence against women at work and violence against women with disabilities. Some other forms are like are crimes committed in the name of honor, femicide, prenatal sex selection, female infanticide, financial abuse, political violence, elder abuse, dowry-related violence, and acid-throwing. Causes of violence on women are exposure to violence during childhood, poverty, social norms and alcohol use.


Violence on girls has a huge a huge impact on knowledge. Women receive rough treatment in diverse locations. It could happen when they are in school, social media platforms, sports and social events like workshops. Various forms of violence like stalking, verbal abuse, discrimination, sexual assault, emotional abuse are most likely to take place. Such norms will lead to the girls finding the need to avoid school or taking in sports. Even in grown up and mature events like educational workshops, ladies will be hesitant to attend. A study by Jewkes shows that higher educational levels in women will result in lower violence. The withdrawal will prevent them from acquiring useful knowledge that could steer their lives to better living. It will lead them to become illiterate members of the society.

Abuse of women and girls leads to post-traumatic stress, depression, fear of the community, seclusion, and self-loath. It will make ladies start behaving differently. Girls will fear men and hate them. Women will be unable to participate in social customs like marriage, dating and sexual intercourse. Girls will prefer to shy away from the world and live in seclusion. Their psychology will be profoundly affected. High levels of stress could even lead them to commit suicide. Other women turn to drugs and alcohol abuse that will further their emotional distraught.

Violence on girls could take an environmental toll. Through violence, especially in the sexual nature, women could contract sexually transmitted disease and even HIV/Aids. Since women make a huge part of the society, the spread of the disease will affect a lot of people. Women will also seclude themselves in activities that enrich the environment due to fear of abuse.

Several goals have been put in place to help eradicate violence. Governments have been strict and tough to adhere to on laws on violence. Some goals implemented are educational means where people receive information about violence. Processes like enlightening people on the forms of violence and how to prevent them. Objectives have been set to educate people on gender equality.


Violence against women and girls is something to be taken seriously. People need to get an education on how to prevent more violent acts. Perpetrators should undergo prosecution, and the victims need to go through rehabilitation prospects


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