Video Analysis Essay on Race Discrimination

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Date:  2022-11-03


Basically, after watching the video I was knowledgeable enough and I was exposed on how to tackle and even approach discrimination to a group of students. Through the video, various examples have been demonstrated about discrimination in general. This provided a great exposure and a great idea at the same time on how to converse with my students. From the video, I learned to understand diversity and every child is unique in their own ways. I found out that some of the students were lively and could easily be engaged and some are not.

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How did the negative and positive labels placed on a group become self-fulfilling prophecies?

Through the expression that was developed by the kids, it was vividly clear that their body language indicated the general impact of discrimination demonstrating that children were not comfortable on what has been taught and even said to them with some getting confused on what they were being taught. Technically the positive and the negative labels that were directed on the group turned out to be self fulfilling prophecies since if one could confess or even say something enough, one will actually end up imagining it to be something that is true. From what was happening, every group viewed themselves to be way better than other groups and were capable of providing the overall population with more than other group or even make sure that they are offering something better than other groups. In any society, individuals tend to be receptive to and react on the same measure to labels that are placed on them by another person or society in general. From a general impact, this can be negative and at the same time positive. Positively, when a group pursues all that it says they can pursue, it hence creates opportunities for individuals and even enhances our community in general. Negatively, it is important to note that the group that is identified as favoured, to some level start feeling more superior, operate with pride and in the long run looses their goals and mission, they end up to be competitive and lose sight of how it is impacting the people and organization in general.

In the prison seminar, one of the white women asserts that all people face some kind of discrimination. Another woman challenges her, claiming that whites can't really know what it's like to face discrimination every minute of every day. What do you think?

In the prison seminar, it is important to note that one of the white women maintained that all individuals are actually facing the same level of discrimination. On the other hand, another woman raised a different challenge, demonstrating that whites can't really be in the position of understanding on what is happening in general when it comes to discrimination in every day's life. Basically, by taking and by hearing in what was said, I will be in one agreement with the other woman. The whites can really understand or even know what it feels like or generally what is like a black individual to face discrimination as a result of their color. In everyday life, blacks go through serious discrimination in various places, both in churches and even in most of the workplace.

Elliot 's kind of discrimination actually builds no-win situation for those individuals who are actually surviving in inferior groups since every individual are put in that position. Through her actions, she selectively brings a clear interpretation of behavior so as to confirm the stereotypes that she had been previously assigned through raising some of the questions.


In the story, it is very easy to operate with the understanding as to why the third graders might refuse to be obedient to their teachers, however, when the exercise is carried out with the prison guards, none of the adult object to the operation and none actually take fault of what was happening.

Finally, the blue eyes/ brown eyes exercise have relation to the Sioux prayer, offering help not to be judgmental to an individual until I have walked or being in his shoes since it is very clear that there is no good reason for judging someone.

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