Victory at Sea: Impressive Warship Alexander II, 1878 - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-06


An impressive warship as displayed by the sailing warship is Alexander II, the Danube of 1878. The war is presented in a manner that is intended at surprising an enemy; they are victory, which is evident by how they seem energetic and happy to be back. The boat is full of soldiers in groups facing in all directions to ensure their security. Through all these activities, they exhibit effective tactics in movements. A ship and two boats are patrolling near the port full of soldiers and police officers while others are also watching from the beach. The vessel is full of soldiers, and it is surrounded by two boats with soldiers on the watch out. It is in the evening, and soldiers are seen heading to the port to meet those already there.

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We are the viewers who are on the side by which the soldiers are coming, which shows we are part of the winning team in the war. The image presents how soldiers are organized, ready for any attack from any side, and also how other soldiers await them at the port. Unity and coordination among the soldiers must have contributed to their victory. Both the ship and the boat seem to be having all soldiers alive, a sign of enormous success for them with a probability of zero death cases.

Naval Battles and Battleships-Modern

The image shown in the above link is called the Battle of Sinop. It is also identified as 'The Day' by Aivazovsky. The picture shows Russian squadron on patrol off the coast of Anatolia. The ships approach the bay to confirm an attack. A group of 7 frigates and several ships are anchored in the bay. Afterward, gunships join the other vessels. The war must be taking place in an evening, which shows that one side might have made a surprise attack on the other. All ships are well equipped to sail during all weather, which is a sign of a long period of preparation for war. The battleships are arranged in a manner that enables the soldiers to counter any attack from all directions. The image also gives an impression of how well organized the was is by the positioning of the ships. Some of the steamers must have escaped the damage as revealed by how close to the scene they are. The fleets are sailing in two columns in the direction of the opponent. The ships are armed with new, most affordable, and most deadly weapons of the time, which is seen by how the ships are designed. All ships consist of red and white pieces of clothes use to distinguish the nationality of soldiers and the intensions of the war. The image shows intensive smokes from the firing of both sides, which can be used to predict how the effects might have been tragic on both humans and properties. Either of the ships from either side was massively destroyed, which is evident by the smoke from the firings. The image is directed to the Naval audience since it represents the last image that was done by Aivazovsky. The model was first presented in a military publication since the Russian navy posted it in the 19th century.


McMahon, C. (2018). The great white fleet sails today? Naval War College Review, 71(4), 67-90. Retrieved from

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