US Postal Service Orientation Problem Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-11

Describe the nature and causes of the US postal service orientation problem.

The US postal orientation program had started well until it started experiencing some problems. The most affected persons were the employees and to be more specific, those had just begun working as letters deliverers. The orientation problem begun when the supervisors could no longer provide enough material for the tasks ahead. Consequently, the letter carriers would get stranded while trying to deliver the letters.

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Secondly, some of the letter carriers would only be introduced to one other employee. This was not enough exposure, and thus it became difficult for them to understand the procedures of the exercise fully. For instance, Edith Jones in the case study calls her supervisor ready to quit her job because there is too much pressure. She complains of little assistance from the supervisors, as she has to move from one route to another over the weeks while she is constantly reprimanded for taking too much time during the delivery. This resulted in many workers complaining of their working conditions (Jaag and Finger, 2017).

What types of orientation for new employees should direct supervisors provide at the work site?

Direct supervisors have a major role to play in the orientation of new carriers. In addition to the orientation already provided by the supervisors and trainers, direct supervisors ought to provide all the necessary information for instance: the specific facility where a letter carrier will be posted, other employees and staff at that facility, the area and routes for which the new carrier will be operating, and any other relevant information such as terms of the contract and the employee handbook (Jaag and Finger, 2017).

What training methods should be used to train the supervisors assuming approval of the proposal?

Supervisors are the people who oversee the delivery of the mails by the letter carriers. As such, it is important for them to understand the process that the carriers go through while delivering the mails. Therefore, supervisors should first be educated on the roles of the carrier and how their work is conducted, so that he can be able to coordinate their work well. After that, the supervisor should be trained in managing skills and the ways to handle the carriers. This means that they should be trained on proper management.

What should written materials the supervisor provide for the new letter carrier in light of what Carol Burgees already provides?

Being employed as a letter carrier means having responsibilities as well as possessing certain legal and procedural documents. Aside from the documents produced by Burgees, one should also be provided with standard forms for instance; the IRS withholding forms, accident and emergency procedures, key and important terms used within the service, copies of life and health insurance, location, and telephone numbers of other staff members and any other important persons (Sidak, 2015).

In addition to the written materials discussed in the previous question, what else should the supervisor do to orient the new letter carriers?

In addition to the documents provided, the supervisor should then explain to the new letter carriers the operation of the US postal service and its purpose. He or she should also explain the training to be received by the new employees as well as their duties and responsibilities. After that, the supervisor should explain the expected levels of production and standards required, the rules and regulations of the postal service and finally the chain of command to report (Sidak, 2015).


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