How (Un)ethical Are You: Hiring Department Essay

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Date:  2022-08-30


Hiring departments have been predominantly accused of portraying bias while seeking to hire new personnel. Since the matter is becoming a nuisance in many business ventures in the world today (Banaji, Bazerman & Chugh, 2004). It is true that unconscious beliefs impact people's decision when hiring. I will work hard to ensure that my unconscious beliefs and values do not offer a negative impact on my choice when hiring by brainstorming my values, providing that the hiring is done in a neutral place and making sure the team incorporates members from a different race. How I Would Make an Ethical, Unbiased, Hiring Decision

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As a hiring officer, I will ensure that I brainstorm and clear all honest and unethical beliefs and values that might affect my hiring approach (Banaji et al., 2004). I will also ensure that all the applicants are passed through a well-structured list of qualifications as developed by various personnel from different backgrounds ethnicity and tribe (Banaji et al., 2004). The decision in hiring will be based on the consensus developed by a panel that involves multiple people with diverse culture.

Avoiding Unconscious Bias

I will start the hiring interview with open-ended questions that will let the interviewees express their strengths in their way. I will also think of some of the favors I have done since I started my duty and avoided them in all ways possible. I will also pass through self-examination of my actions concerning helping an individual to pass an interview by leaking the information used in the interview (Banaji et al., 2004). I will also brush off all my beliefs and personal values and consider the strengths of the interviewees.

Strategies That I Will Employ as Described by Banaji, et al.

Identifying conflict of interests is the primary approach that Banaji et al. (2004) outlines to be the fundamental step to take. It is the right approach to brainstorm the biases that are connected to the search for employees who will provide beneficial aspects to the hiring personnel (Banaji et al., 2004). Collection of data will provide enough information that will enable the hiring team and me to reveal the presence of hidden biases.

What I Would Use and What I would Do

I will use an aspect of exclusivity of race. Secondly, I will use a hiring rubric that will enable me to focus on the specific technical skills (Derfler-Rozin, Baker & Gino, 2018). I will also shape my environment. I will speculate whether the subjects' implicit aspects of race bias. I will ensure that inclusivity of all races is enhanced (Valentine, Hollingworth & Eidsness, 2014). Amid ensuring that race bias is minimized by incorporating the hiring committee with a different race, I will also carry them through identification of bias and urge them to avoid them and focus on the hiring rubric.

The Actions that I Will Take

I will train my team to avoid unconscious bias and focus on the hiring rubric. I will also choose a neutral environment to avoid the fact that the environment usually makes an individual biased (Valentine et al., 2014). I will also assign the interviewees generic names to ensure that the hiring team does not get carried away by focusing on the names of the interviewees. I will also broaden my decision-making approach to think outside the box by considering the wellbeing the organization. I will also focus on the specific technical skills and avoid the organization's culture as it is a trait that is learned.


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