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Date:  2023-08-13


Reasons and Steps to Implement SAFeThe use of a scaled agile framework will allow enterprises to accomplish their organizational goals at a stipulated time. The organization will align its objectives through an emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and trust within the teams of the management. For an organization to get rewards connected to SAFe, it has to embrace a lean-agile mindset together with developing an understanding and application of the principles related to Lean-Agile. It is because the achievement of business agility and the associated developments at scale is not a trivial framework.

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The need for an organization to implement SAFe results from its large size where the processes are already defined. Here, implementation is needed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the competitive market. An organization might also be growing faster with the potential of expanding to become an enterprise, and they lack the awareness to expand its operations to a global market (Emerson et al, 2006). Another reason would be the lack of surety to make a practical strategy about complex management and marketing.

The steps involved in the implementation of SAFe include reaching the tipping point, training agents and executives of lean-agile change, creating a lean-agile center of excellence, identification of value streams and ARTs, creating an implementation plan and preparing an ART launch. An organization should train the teams and launch the ART. It should coach the ART execution and extend the portfolio.

The acceleration of the roadmap should complete the process. I believe that the above steps might work because, with the above, the intrinsic motivation of the team members will be unlocked. It will be achieved by establishing a vision for the organization, building a backlog of opportunities, refining the delay, and establishing a clear roadmap for the members. It is a sustainable competitive strategy because it enables the business to become a thriving enterprise.

Interpreting the SAFe Framework

SAFe foundations are essential because it is aimed at providing solutions to the most critical at the same time challenging problems for modern enterprises. The foundations are responsible for a more significant increase in the outcomes of the business as compared to the size of the team. For the organization’s operations, there is a reduction in the cost of infrastructure. SAFe foundations are also associated with consistent delivery of the organization’s objectives within the stipulated time.

A good SAFe foundation will result in a rise in team and business engagement as the cycle time and defects in the process decline. The application of a SAFe foundation can help the teams in the organization to maintain alignment with the goals and objectives of the business. The foundation also supports the organizations that need working across the groups.

The importance of SAFe foundations is related to the organizational design aspects of an agile-lean enterprise in the sense that it enables the management of the organization to determine and make predictions concerning the accomplishment of the goals and objectives that have been set. The foundation also delivers systems and solutions that are competitive to the organization’s customers for a short time that is sustainable at the same time (Leffingwell, 2019). Lastly, the foundation also relates to the agile, lean enterprise since it aids the business in addressing the significant challenges responsible for developing and delivering enterprise solutions that are of high quality and first time to the market.


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