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Date:  2023-11-16


With the advent of information technology, most of the organizational operations have been made easier. Employees can work and submit organizational progress from the comfort of their localities. They are equally able to satisfy the needs of the clients without much struggle, considering the ease of communication brought by technological advancement. Advanced information technology is primarily concerned with the provision of hand-on skills in an essential modern business information-related expertise. As such, the discussion post is premised on justifying whether organizing is still a significant managerial function in an organization as well as a response to the post of Joshua and Jacob.

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Managerial Function

Organizing as a managerial function is broad. It includes the development of structures of an organization or a company and allocation of human resources to accomplish the set-out targets. It may also take into consideration making designs for individual job specifications within the organizational setup. Even though organizing plays a vital role in managerial function, advanced technology tends to summarize not only the functions that are inclined towards managerial duties but also aid in the significant achievement of the overall organizational roles (Marques, 2019). It allows an organizational expert to achieve his duties from the comfort of his location without much struggle. Therefore, the two (organizing and advanced information technology) need each other for efficacy in the execution of managerial functions and the general organizational duties. Organizing is thus still essential in a managerial function.


In summary, even though advanced information technology is efficient in the execution of managerial functions, organizing remains significant. The two (organizing and advanced information) requires each other to ensure that all functions are executed, and organizational goals are met with ease. Organizing is, therefore, still significant, as noted herein.


Marques, R. P. F. (2019). Continuous Assurance and the Use of Technology for Business Compliance. In Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Business Operations and Management (pp. 429-441). IGI Global. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/4a0f/a090c4913324b3cbcc157fcfbb8e4f9120b3.pdf.

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