Uncovering Greek Mythology's Influence in Modern Life - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-14


Many years have passed since the times of ancient Greeks, but still, their mythology continues to influence our lives today. In various discussions about science, brands, names ad languages, references to Greek mythology can still be found. Ancient thinkers, in their multiple works, laid a solid foundation for linguistics, mathematics, astrology, and engineering. In contemporary times, a person is most likely to encounter a reference of a Greek Mythology in every turn, including in the brand of the sports shoes we wear (Rippin, 2003). One of the contemporary influences of an ancient myth is Nike, which the United States sports apparel company is named after the Greek goddess of victory (Rippin, 2003). This essay focuses on explaining the process of identifying, researching, and developing the mythology of the Nike logo. Besides, the essay will illustrate the key concepts identified and taken away from the development of the project.

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The Process of Identifying, Researching and Developing the Presentation

The first thing I did was to identify a topic on the contemporary influences of an ancient myth. There are many topics, including Amazonia. Still, I chose Nike, with my thesis statement being, the Nike Sports apparel in the United States is named after the Greek goddess of victory. I then wrote down the most significant points, including the most straightforward things which came to mind, regarding the topic, and highlighted the most vital aspects for presentation. My choice of presentational aspects included the most debatable points, those who can raise questions and convince the listener, the most. Then I wrote an outline for my PowerPoint presentation, to organize and to decide the concepts which I needed in the presentation. The outline had an introduction that illustrated what I would tell my audience concerning the things to be covered in the PowerPoint. My first sentences were topic sentences with supporting points that followed. I then ended my presentation, my concluding, which included restating the key points I had made in the presentation, and calling for anyone who had a question to ask.

An effective presentation requires an excellent and appropriate design. After identifying and researching, I developed the presentation by writing everything down and designing. The clarity of my design is what will move my audience, and it is a strategy to pull the audience together.

Key Concepts Identified, From Development of the Nike Mythology Project

I have identified that mythologies are a system of communication, which is rooted in our languages and which require a historical foundation and everyday usage. The example of Nike is a transformation of history into nature through the way athletes identify themselves with victory as it was in the time of Zeus. In the Greek religion, the chief go, Zeus, was represented in the form of art as a small figure that carried the divinities. Nike itself in Greek religion was a winged female that took a palm branch, or a Hermes to signify victory. Nike was also a portrayal of erecting a trophy and outspreading its wings over the victorious people in a competition (Smith, 1999). Aside from Nike, many influences in the world have impacted the behavior of human beings on what they hold dear, which are derived from mythological stories.

From the development of the project, I have gathered and have obtained a foundation on how Greek mythology has been utilized in popular arts and culture. I have also gained insights on how to develop an excellent PowerPoint presentation which I intend to use in the future, especially in the work environment, where various projects will require a professional presentation. It is a fantastic thing to note that myths have been feeding our human thoughts and souls for so many years without our realization and that even though individuals in different countries and all civilization stage shave developed mythologies explaining workings of the natural environment and existence, the deeds of some gods and their heroic natures have justified social and political institutions of modern times. Most classical mythological themes in the contemporary world are relevant and significant in bringing out the best of the individuals who are associating themselves with distinct mythologies.

The project has affected how I view myself and what shapes my existential outlook in life. When designing business in future, I would want to identify my brand with the Greek mythology, to make it more relevant; this is because the Greek mythology is full of heroic tales and is a catch for all legends, who have created an awareness of wright and wrong. The mythological concepts which I came across in my research showed the consequences of the human action and placed more emphasis on the essence of wisdom. Those who made the wrong decisions in ancient times faced more significant and harsh consequences, a lesson that teaches me to avoid similar fates. The Greek mythologies provide insights into wisdom, which carries us before we face our values and considerations in life.


Nike mythology stands out when it comes to critical sports issues in modern times, such as victory. Nike mythology continues to survive because its narrative corresponds to the situation's athletes are in, which frequently occur n our current age and time. The power of Nike mythology lies in its symbolism, which shapes the origin of contemporary storytelling and sets a tone for the modern, popular culture. The Nike logo places a demand for any sportsperson who holds themselves highly in terms of strength, victory, control, experience, and knowledge. Based on these findings, mythology fills a purpose in the modern world and provides the insight that all individuals require.


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